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  • Oscar the Grouch Grooms cake
  • Tea Party cake Gumpaste teacup and dish, gumpaste carnations. White almond sour cream with lemon curd filling. it was a lovely light violet...
  • Sophie the giraffe i now see that i made her eyes WAY to big, but shes still cute. White chocolate ganached, legs and...
  • My boyfriend's mom's b-day cake :) a small WASC 6" 3 layer tall cake that i made for my boyfriends mother on her b-day. ***ATTENTION*** ATTENTION***...
  • Anniversary cake Simple WASC with carnations and thier last name initial.
  • Blues Clues mail time cake
  • Pinkalicious cake
  • Clutch-rockets mascot This is a 3-d version of Clutch, teh Houston Rockets mascot, wearing my friends Red Rowdy jersey for his b-day.
  • Baby Shower cake Last min baby shower cake
  • Elmo cake #2 a cake for a little girls 2nd b-day!
  • wedding kake A strange request, after many ideas, sketches, downgrades on price and design, here we are, a simple cake throwing both...
  • m&m's cupcakes
  • Sushi cupcakes chocolate sushi cupcakes

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