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  • Ice Cream Shoppe Cookie Cupcakes *Chocolate Chip cookie in muffin tins, chocolate buttercream with sprinkles and candied cherry on top!
  • Buttercream Royal Icing Roses Chocolate Buttercream Nest With Green Dyed Coconut Royal Icing Flowers Edible Confetti Royal Icing Ba *Buttercream, Royal icing roses, chocolate buttercream (nest) with green dyed coconut, Royal icing flowers, edible confetti, Royal icing baby tootsies,...
  • Valentine's Cookie Cupcake *Chocolate Chip cookies in muffin tins, chocolate buttercream with sprinkles and conversation hearts.
  • Ice Cream Shoppe Cupcakes *Basic white cupcakes with french meringue frosting, color spray (edible), topped with gumballs and inserted chocolate hazelnut rolled wafers.
  • Masquerade Quadruple-Layer cake *Sugar-sheeted, cotton-candy flavored buttercream, with double-layer 9" white cake, with half 8" double-layer white cake, decorated with flowers, silver dragees,...
  • Poinsettia/Red Velvet/Cheesecake
  • Haunted Graveyard
  • Dracula's Dentures
  • Rose cake Process of prepping dried buttercream flowers, flat roses but since I already knew 3D roses, I added those too!
  • Cars themed cake Cars themed Cake
  • Cleveland-Style Cassata Cake Cleveland-Style Cassata Cake
  • Cleveland-Style Cassata birthday cake Cleveland-Style Cassata Birthday Cake with fresh whipped cream frosting with chocolate decor.
  • Cleveland-Style Cassata Cupcakes Cleveland-Style Cassata Cupcakes-Cake with hints of lemon, layered with vanilla cream, macerated strawberries, layered again with cake and topped with...
  • Chocolate Mousse Cake aka Death By Chocolate Hershey's Chocolate Cake quadruple layered with chocolate mousse, frosted with more mousse, layered with chocolate ganache, decorated with chopped semi-sweet...
  • Signature Carrot Cake Bakery Style cream cheese frosting, my signatuare carrot cake recipe, double layer with walnuts as decoration
  • My first cake order! Learned how to do roses via by youtube in less than 1 minute!  All buttercream.
  • My first cake transfer Cake transfer all done in buttercream, photocopied patch blown upto 500%, traced on waxed paper, transfered and filled
  • Basket Cake Basket Cake featuring different types of buttercream flowers
  • Monster High Birthday Cake Freestyle by hand copy of skullete from Disney's Monster High, hot pink icing for base, and jumbo pink/black gumballs as...