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  •  Drip Cake With Homemade Macaroons And Chocolate Covered Strawberries.   Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Icing, Chocolate Ganache drips, Chocolate covered Strawberries and Macaroons with Ganache filling.
  •  Scrub Shirt Cake   White cake with Caramel icing, fondant stripes and stethoscope, pin, bones and scissors.
  •  Tmnt Cake   Marbled Gluten Free Cake, Fondant TMNT
  •  Glock Gun   Handmade Glock case and Gun
  •  Animal Print Gift Box   Marbled Gluten Free cake, dairy free buttercream and mmf.
  •  Lego Cake   Yellow LEGO Head Cake with Fondant Lego's.
  •  Alabama Bound   8 inch round vanilla cake, filled with chocolate buttercream with dark chocolate ganache dripping down. Gumpaste Elephant.
  •  Handbag Cake  9x13 (about 3 inches high)marble cake, cut in half, filled with buttercream and stood on its side so it would be tall. Covered with MMF. I...
  •  Monster Inc University Cake   2 tier Monster Inc cake
  •  Iphone Cake   Iphone Cake, marble inside, butter cream and covered with mmf. Apps are all handmade using fondant.
  •  Werther's Caramel Popcorn Gravity Birthday Cake
  •  3D Housewarming Cake   8inch marbled cake with house made of rct covered in fondant.
  •  Buttercream Petal Cake-1St Birthday Smash Cake   6 inch vanilla cake, buttercream.

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