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  • Pete the Cat cake! Pete the Cat cake, complete with fondant books, buttons, shoes, and lettering.
  • Pumpkin Baby Shower
  • Spongebob 2nd Birthday (Girl) Spongebob cake for 2-year-old Addy. The request was last minute, so I ended up buying the toppers, but tried to...
  • Zebra 1st Birthday WASC cake covered in fondant! All fondant details, also.
  • Mario Kart for Jesse! WASC cake with SMBC. All edible, except karts and flags. Unfortunately, the pre-made letters of his name were attacked by...
  • Pumpkins for Ms. Scarlett I loved making these tiny little pumpkins! So easy and so cute!
  • A Bowling Birthday!
  • Bright Colors for Keaton This cake was part of a cake giveaway drawing I had back in July. It's WASC cake with SMBC and...
  • Bear Baby Shower Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. My first real attempt at quilting!
  • 'Cause This is Thriller! Thriller-themed birthday cake for a young lady's 14th birthday.  WASC with strawberry buttercream.
  • 21st Birthday For An NYU Student! Red Velvet w/Cream Cheese frosting. First time using cake wires and they were an hit!
  • Cars Birthday Cake! Thanks to mrsmudrash for the flame template!  Though mine isn't as neat as hers :)
  • 80s Birthday Cupcakes I made these for the daughter of friend who was turning 11 and wanted an 80s-themed party.  They were a...
  • Dora 2nd Birthday! Last minute order from a coworker.  As you can see, the 2 started to crack because I tried to place...
  • Snoopy Baby Shower A Snoopy cake made for a coworker's baby shower.
  • Brown, Green, and Blue Baby Shower This cake was made on the fly for my boss's surprise baby shower.  This is my first fondant person!
  • Circus Cake! It's a circus for Grayson! Gumpaste animals, and the top of the tent is made from cardstock, then covered in...
  • Black and White Damask Cake Red Velvet with cheesecake buttercream. Fresh roses.
  • A Watermelon First Birthday! WASC cake with cheesecake buttercream.
  • Pink, Blue, and Brown Shower made for a coworker's shower, this cake is just butter cake (tinted pink) with chocolate buttercream!
  • 11th Birthday Party Brightly colored 8 inch cake with curlicues, hearts and stars.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 Birthday I made this for a birthday party at a music venue in downtown Nashville.  The birthday boy LOVES Mario (has...
  • Red, White and Black Cupcakes The cupcakes in red liners are white on white, the black liners are red velvet with cheesecake BC.  There were...
  • Lime Zebra Birthday
  • Topsy Turvy Zebra
  • It's Elmo! This is just your standard Elmo cake, only I opted to use the grass/fur tip instead of the star tip....
  • Pac Man Cupcakes I made these cupcakes for a friend's son's 6th birthday.  They are white chocolate cupcakes with BC icing.  Fondant decorations....
  • Pirates! Two pirates chasing each other for the treasure!  Each cake is a WASC pound cake with buttercream filling.
  • Mario Bros. Cake! This is a Mario Bros. cake made for 7-year-old Jeremy.  I hope he loves it!
  • Boy Birthday! Cupcakes I made for my boys' birthday party (last minute!).
  • Baby Shower!
  • Bright and Lively
  • Another Toy Story Cake!
  • Ocean Party Cupcake Tree
  • Purple and White Three Tier I made this cake... just for fun!  With limited supplies on hand, I wanted to make a cake tonight, so...
  • Pink and Brown Ladybugs! I made this cake for a baby shower.  It is a red velvet cake with cheesecake icing.  I used fondant...
  • Dress Cake
  • Wedding Cake with Lillies
  • Green and White Shower
  • Pizza
  • Diva This was my first time (and last!) to use edible image strips.  THey're hard to work with and extra fragile.
  • Toy Story Cake I made this cake based on a picture I found on Google. It was a hit!
  • Bear Cake
  • Flowers and Butterflies
  • Topsy Turvy Zebra Cake This was my first topsy turvy cake done for a 16th birthday party!  Very trying, but very fun!

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