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  • 8 Inch And 5 Inch Topsy Turvy Pot Of Gold Is Rkt 8 inch and 5 inch topsy turvypot of gold is rkt
  • 10inch 7 And 5 Inch Tiers Fondant Accents 10inch, 7 and 5 inch tiersfondant accents
  • 8 Inch And 5 Inch Tiers Covered In Black Fondant Splatters Are Buttercream Handcut Numbers And Letters 8 inch and 5 inch tierscovered in black fondant splatters are buttercreamhandcut numbers and letters
  • 7inch And 5 Inch Tiers Handcut Letters Border Is Not Just Cakes By Annie Cutter 7inch and 5 inch tiershandcut lettersborder is not just cakes by annie cutter
  • 10 Inch 6 Inch Cake All Hand Cut And Made Fondant Accents White Russian Is Icing Topped With Isomalt Crushed Ice Cubes Glass Is Real 10 inch 6 inch cakeall hand cut and made fondant accentswhite russian is icing topped with isomalt crushed ice cubesglass...
  • 7 Amp 5 Inch Tiers Buttercream Ruffles Handmade Accents 7 & 5 inch tiers Buttercream ruffles Handmade accents
  • 4567 Inch Rounds R2d2 And Darth Covered In Fondant Light Saber And Fondant Accents Variation Of A Previous Design Ive Done 4,5,6,7 inch rounds R2d2 and Darth covered in fondant Light saber and fondant accents Variation of a previous design I've...
  • 68 Inch Cake Fondant Accents And Slippers 6/8 inch cake fondant accents and slippers
  • 6 Smash Cake With Fondant Accents Cupcakes To Match Theme First Birthday 6" smash cake with fondant accents Cupcakes to match theme First birthday
  • Rose Cake 9 Inch Rose cake 9 inch
  • May 40 Be With You Bottom Tier 10buttercream With Fondant Darth And R2d2 Covered In Fondant Airbrushed Silver Fondant Accents Clone Tr May 40 be with you! Bottom tier 10"buttercream with fondant Darth and R2D2 covered in fondant airbrushed silver Fondant accents...
  • Octonaut cake Octonauts cake 10 inch cake fondant accents Gup is rkt covered in chocolate then fondantAll handmade figures
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  • 1086 Inch Tiers Fondant Accents Handmade Lemon Rolled In Sugar Donated For Alexs Lemonade Stand Walk For A Birthday 10/8/6 inch tiers Fondant accents Handmade lemon rolled in sugarDonated for Alex's lemonade stand walk for a birthday
  • 10 Inch Round Birthday For Dad And 2 Brothers Dad Likes Carpentry And Brothers Golf Fondant Accents Golf Ball Is Cake Covered In Buttercr 10 inch round Birthday for dad and 2 brothers Dad likes carpentry and brothers golfFondant accents Golf ball is cake...
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  • 10x2 square and two 6inch rounds Green ninjago Legos Fondant accents
  • Day of the dead 8/6 inch Skull is rkt covered in fondantRoyal icing drips Inspired by a cake picture given to me
  • Paisley 10 inch fondant accents
  • Blessed butterflies 10/9 inch Gum paste accents
  • Cake formerly known as Prince 10/6 inch Gum paste accents
  • One sesame 9 & 6 inch Fondant accents
  • Butterfly kiss 9 inch and 6 inch Buttercream cheetah and fondant stripes and accents
  • September shower cake Similar to one I've done before with out names on it
  • Birthday Quick make birthday cake..Chevron attempt...
  • Red September 10inch and 6inchfondant accents, stencil
  • birthday garden 3 large cupcakes and 17 regular sizeall buttercream wth few fondant flowers
  • football simple round 9inch
  • Paige 9inch
  • 50th wedding anniversary 12, 9, 6 inchgumpaste numbers and flowersribbon fondant painted with luster dust
  • 50 12, 9, 6 inch tiers"50" is gumpaste ribbon is fondant painted gold lusterroses are fondant gumpaste sprayed with wilton gold...
  • 50 12, 9, 6 inch cakes"50" is gumpaste and ribbon is fondant painted with gold lusterroses are fondant/gumpaste
  • luck be a lady 8 inch basecovered fondant gumpast accent
  • Marine Corp 12inch roundlogo=fondant with edible marker
  • Mermaid! 10 inch squareall handmade fondant accents beside just Ariel herself
  • Party Animal 10 inch and 6 inchall buttercreambow and border are fondant as well as topper
  • America the beautiful 10inch with fondant accents. camo done with piping technique tutorial -thank you to whoever posted the tutorial
  • Every days a holiday 11x15 cake
  • grand slam 10inch square covered in fondant, ball is half sports ball pan covered in fondant.
  • Maya 12 6in/ 10inch topsy turvy
  • Sweet G 9inch 6 inch fondant accents
  • Farewell cake 10inch square 6inch round and half ball pan all buttercream with fondant gumpaste accents
  • Love is chocolate,  love is cake... bride and groom cake pops
  • Dad 9inch round cake with dark chocolate fondant accents
  • Ultrasound probe 11x15 and 10x10 carved in shape of ultrasound probe covered in fondant..accented with blue piping gel
  • Tickled pink 10" 6" round, gumpaste topper, fondant accents
  • 70th 10 6 inch fondant gumpaste accents
  • Fiesta
  • 70! 10 6inch with fondant and gumpaste accents
  • Sam Scholar 10 and 6inch
  • Flipping out carved cake flip flops with fondant accents
  • shower 10, 6inch, sprayed in gold and stenciled (my first attempt at stenciling)
  • Sesame Safari 12 inch round, safari hat is cake covered with fondant, sesame faces are gumpaste
  • Color me happy ten inch round, 6 inch round. using camo buttercream technique, paintball splatters are fondant, gumpaste bullseye
  • Atta Girl.. simple 9 inch round with fondant accents
  • A flutter 30th birthday cake for an RN
  • This keysters ready for Easter Just a fun 10inch round, half ball pan, marshmallow tail. Saw something like this online and thought I'd give it...
  • Legos! 11x15 and multiple loaves. all covered in fondant. oreos covered in fondant, lego man heads are marshmallows covered with fondant.
  • Want S'more? 12inch square, 10 inch and 6inch rounds- covered in buttercream.Pretzels are connected with chocolate, gumpaste flames, marshmallows are sprayed with...
  • Eighteen chocolate butterceam, fondant accents
  • Reese's Rainbow 12inch, 10 inch, and 2 6inch roundgumpaste rainbow and fondant accents