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  • St. Louis Cardinals STL Cardinals on a round cake in buttercream icing.
  • Birthday flowers Buttercream icing.
  • Elmo in buttercream
  • Another tractor order!! Two orders for tractors on cakes in the same DAY!
  • John Deere Tractor Drawn in buttercream
  • Graduation Cake 1/2 sheet iced in buttercream
  • Flowers and Ivy Buttercream flowers and ivy, 1/2 sheet cake.
  • Dr. Seuss Hat 1/4 cake shaped like a Dr. Seuss hat.
  • Chocolate cake with chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate buttercream
  • Ballroom Dancing and Golf They wanted both ballroom dancing and golf to be represented on this cake.  Drawing in buttercream~
  • Quote from a song, from a guy to his girl Buttercream art on 1/2 sized sheet cake.
  • You BET it's a Twilight themed cake... Yeah.  The "Eclipse" cover on a 1/4 sheet cake.  I didn't have a tip any wider for the ribbon, which...
  • buttercream cherry blossoms on ganach icing
  • Baptism in blue I didn't know people had cakes made for their baptisms until two months ago.  Now I know!
  • Mickey Mouse Buttercream drawing of Mickey.
  • Full sheet cakes with individually decorated servings I joke that this order is proof that the person who took the order hates me. :)  TWO full sized...
  • Bavarian filled chocolate cupcakes Buttercream flowers
  • Simple Baby Shower cake Buttercream baby booties
  • Stack of Money 2-D Full Sheet cake in buttercream icing.
  • flowers I don't know who "Boo" is, but they seem to like yellow flowers, since that is all that was requested!
  • Communion
  • Flowers A bit blurred, my camera phone isn't the best...
  • Live Love Dance Chocolate buttercream with teal, pink, blue color scheme.  Designed to match a flyer.
  • Fondant cut-outs Birthday cake with fondant A's--the woman wanted different fonts of A's all over the cake, and a gift tag on...
  • Cream Cheese with Buttercream Art--Golf Theme
  • Square Anniversary cake with original wedding topper
  • Super Simple wedding cake Six inch square cake.  Simplest wedding cake EVAAAR.
  • Buttercream decoration on cream cheese icing 1/2 sheet cake.
  • Six inch round Pixie cake Five year old girl's birthday cake.
  • Buzz Lightyear!!! Birthday cake with buttercream art.
  • Pool Party 1/2 sheet cake with buttercream icing to match party invitations.
  • Dora the Explorer birthday Summertime Dora at the beach.  1/4 sheet cake with buttercream art, cream cheese base icing, and graham cracker sand.
  • First time sugar free anniversary cake This poor cake barely managed to survive.  It was accidentally bumped (crowded bakery) and the roses along the middle of...
  • Another first time cake! Also a first time cake...I've done a couple of "shaped" cakes, but never with fondant, and never a truck.  They...
  • No class...just first time fondant cake...! I've only been decorating cakes for a few months total, going on three months where I am now, and six...
  • Full size sheet cake with buttercream penguins drawn on A seven year old girl came up with the idea for this cake.  She wanted seven penguins, one with floaties,...
  • Noah's Ark 2-D Noah's Ark for a child's birthday.  White cake with fruit filling, buttercream icing.This is a half sheet cake sized...
  • first fondant figure First fondant-only figurine.  Buttercream icining on a two-layer white cake.  The dot border around the words in the middle of...
  • Mario Galaxy Half sheet cake with buttercream art.
  • Dirty Lawnmower Tire Someone brought a lawnmower tire to me and asked if I could make a 2 layer cake that looked like...
  • Snare Drum Groom's cake.  Decorated in buttercream.
  • Hello Kitty sculpted cake 14" round cake cut to look like Hello Kitty.  Extra cake bits used to make the bow.  Iced in buttercream.
  • Eragon dragon cake basic powdered sugar/milk/butter/vanilla icing (because it's the only ingredients I had!!) painted on with gel food color
  • Undead Birthday Pumpkin spice cake I made out of boredom.  Pumpkin spice buttercream, Corpse Bride characters and lettering painted on with thinned...
  • Mario Cupcakes Made from chocolate cupcakes and fondant.  My first attempt at sculpted fondant-y things.  Only things not edible are the three...
  • The REAL Valentine Everyone forgets that St. Valentine was martyred...a friend reminded me with this cake request.  Red velvet cake with ivory buttercream,...
  • Baby Pirate in buttercream I like drawing in buttercream...
  • Harry Potter books in buttercream This is a first for me!  The yellow book was accidentally bumped...more than once.  Tried to repair it. Hazards of...

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