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  • 12 yrs Annv.
  • 50 Candles floral cake with enough room to fit 50 candles...take a deep breath!
  • Ducky Family Duck family celebrating Mom's birthday
  • Hot Tub party Relaxing in the Hot tub with her Archie comic book, towel, basketball near by and her B-ball sneakers!
  • Bridal Shower Black/White & Blue bridal shower cake
  • Knitting Basket knitting basket full of yarn. RKT balls covered in fondant strings
  • Pale Flowers Yellow and white fondant flowers
  • Cookie Monster RKT Cookie monster on top of a cookies and creme cake.trimmed with chocolate chip cookies
  • Golfing Retirement
  • Jewelry Box Birthday cake made for someone's wife who likes jewelry. They wanted something small, so this is what I came up...
  • Hello Kitty Hello Kitty cake & cupcakes for a friends daughter (no charge)   TFL
  • Tiger Print Safari type party with Tiger print cake
  • Treasure Map Pirate party Treasure Chest Map...TFL
  • Piggy Pig cake for a husband of a friend who loves pigs
  • Sunflower Ribbons Fall wedding cake with Whipped topping...messiest cake I have ever had to cut, but it turned out nice. TFL
  • Saint Bernard Doggy birthday theme
  • GVSU 2011 Graduation College Graduation celebration for a co-worker
  • Lavender Birthday My attempt at a two tone cake. Customer wanted white and purple and let me decide on how it was...
  • Company Anniversary Company was celebrating their 25th anniversary - logo made from icing sheets
  • Soccer/Skier Birthday cake for a young teen who plays highschool soccer and is on the ski team
  • Peanuts the Elephant Customer wanted an elephant standing upright with peanuts and a suprised look on his face like he had been caught...this...
  • Daisy w/ monogram emblem bridal shower cake for a fall wedding
  • Jungle of a Birthday 1st Birthday celebration with a jungle theme
  • RN Degree Celebration Cake for a young lady who just passed her RN exam. Covered and decorated with MMF. Got a lot of...
  • Monogram "N" Monogrammed cupcakes with cream cheese glaze for the bride to be.
  • MSU Michigan State football cupcakes
  • Class 2011 college graduation cake
  • Baby Train Small cake made to resemble the napkin used at the shower. butter cream with fondant accents
  • 80th Small personal cake for the birthday girl who just turned 80. Royal icing flowers.
  • Old Man - 60th Birthday Cartoon "Old Man" drawn on an icing sheet with food coloring so it is edible.
  • Nail Polish Nail polish bottle for a manicurist who had never celebrated her birthday before. Cake says Happy Birthday in Vietnamese -...
  • Spring Bouquet Flower cake for a grandmothers birthday. All Buttercream flowers
  • Soccer Fan Soccer themed cake...10 yr old loves the Spain team - so I used the color scheme for their team. TFL
  • Frog Frog on a Lily pad for a birthday boy who loves frogs. Frog is RKT covered in MMF and painted....
  • Hawaiian Hibiscus bridal shower cake for Hawaiian themed party. TFL
  • Flower Baskets Cupcakes placed in a basket wrap and topped with different Royal Icing flowers
  • Bubbles Bubble textured fondant covered cake with Red & White dots lining the edge. TFL
  • Pink Strawberries Chocolate cake filled with Strawberry Jam BC and covered with MMF. Topped with fresh chocolate covered strawberries
  • Pink Flowers Small Chocolate cake with Coconut BC & covered w/ MMF made for a Mother's Day bake sale
  • Double College graduation celebration 2 College graduates in 1 family celebration
  • Snowboarder Girl snowboarder dressed like the birthday girl from a photo. Made out of MMF & Gumpaste. It turned out decent...
  • Happy 50th Scrapbook paper cake for a Surprise 50th Birthday. TFL
  • Army Girl Star cake draped with the American flag and a character of my sister in her army outfit. This was for...
  • Happy Birthday Note White cake with Caramel buttercream inside and out, covered with homemade marshmallow fondant. I cut the shape out like a...
  • Basketball Doctor For a Doctor's birthday - he loves basketball, his job (stethoscope), fishing and of course his family (family portrait)
  • fishing boat This is supposed to be a fishing boat. I had some wind issues during delivery and the canopy needed repaired....
  • Kawai Grand Piano
  • Little Angel Angel cake for little girls 4th birthday - Grandma & Grandpa call her Angel...body is white cake with caramel buttercream;...
  • Android eats Apple
  • Purple Cell Phone
  • Topsy Turvy Pan
  • Birthday Fish Marshmallow fondant fish painted with food coloring on top of a chocolate base
  • Red Star fun cake I made for the boys in my church class.
  • Flowers
  • Lighthouse Cake lighthouse cake for a 50th birthday party
  • Bacon Cheeseburger Cake - Just Pickels 2nd try at a hamburger cake. Customer's daughter loves bacon cheese burgers with just pickels. this was to make her...
  • Blue Swirl Practice cake using the Cricut Cake machine
  • Autumn Barrel cake Reese Pieces & Candy Corn Barrel cakes for a work Halloween party. They were given away as prizes.
  • Princess Castle Pink castle for 1st Birthday Princess
  • Boat Boat cake made for my clients husbands 40th.
  • M&M birthday cake Yellow M&M sitting on top of a light blue present for my daughters 9th birthday. TFL
  • Disney "Cars" "Cars" cake I did for my sons 2nd birthday. Left the fondant pavement rough on the edges, thought it lloked...
  • Red Dino This was for a 6 year old birthday boy who loves dinosaurs. Got the Idea from a few cakes here...
  • Burger & Fries First time burger cake made for a summer picnic. Buns are both chocolate cake covered in fondant. Burger is brownie...
  • Flower Birthday Cake Buttercream cake with royal icing flowers
  • Birthday cake for mom Made for a lday I work with. It was her mom's 80th birthday, but she also wanted her husband and...
  • 5th Grade Graduation Made for a 5th grade graduation [arty. School colors blue & gold. I also made a star shaped cake to...
  • 80th Birthday Buttercream cake, royal icing letters & dots, gumpaste flowers
  • Day at the Beach Fun cake made for a summer picnic. Sand is brown sugar, flip flops and starfish are royal icing
  • Two hearts One yellow cake, the other is chocolate. Royal icing decorations
  • Baby Umbrella Baby shower cake; buttercream with cookie clouds and baby head. Umbrella handle is fondant
  • Halloween Fun Buttercream cake with Royal Icing decorations.
  • Snowman Cake Buttercream cake with Royal icing snowmen; fondant scarves & earmuffs
  • Chocolate monkey cake Buttercream cake topped with chocolate monkey molded from cake pan.
  • 1st Birthday Flowers & Butterflies 1st birthday cake. Covered in buttercream with fondant flowers and butterflies. Royal Icing letters
  • Blue & Brown Baby shower Cake Chocolate cake filled with chocolate chip buttercream filling. Covered in Marshmallow Fondant. Fondant/gumpaste shoes, ribbon and bow.
  • Easter Bunny Basket
  • Basket Weave/Flower Cake Basket weave teqnique and Royal Icing flowers & color flow birds
  • Mothers Day cake Fondant covered oval cake with gumpaste flowers
  • Noah's Ark baby shower cake Noah's Ark cake made with Fondant Ark and animals.

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