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  • 12 yrs Annv.
  • 50 Candles floral cake with enough room to fit 50 candles...take a deep breath!
  • Ducky Family Duck family celebrating Mom's birthday
  • Hot Tub party Relaxing in the Hot tub with her Archie comic book, towel, basketball near by and her B-ball sneakers!
  • Bridal Shower Black/White & Blue bridal shower cake
  • Knitting Basket knitting basket full of yarn. RKT balls covered in fondant strings
  • Pale Flowers Yellow and white fondant flowers
  • Cookie Monster RKT Cookie monster on top of a cookies and creme cake.trimmed with chocolate chip cookies
  • Golfing Retirement
  • Jewelry Box Birthday cake made for someone's wife who likes jewelry. They wanted something small, so this is what I came up...
  • Hello Kitty Hello Kitty cake & cupcakes for a friends daughter (no charge)   TFL
  • Tiger Print Safari type party with Tiger print cake
  • Treasure Map Pirate party Treasure Chest Map...TFL
  • Piggy Pig cake for a husband of a friend who loves pigs
  • Sunflower Ribbons Fall wedding cake with Whipped topping...messiest cake I have ever had to cut, but it turned out nice. TFL
  • Saint Bernard Doggy birthday theme
  • GVSU 2011 Graduation College Graduation celebration for a co-worker
  • Lavender Birthday My attempt at a two tone cake. Customer wanted white and purple and let me decide on how it was...
  • Company Anniversary Company was celebrating their 25th anniversary - logo made from icing sheets
  • Soccer/Skier Birthday cake for a young teen who plays highschool soccer and is on the ski team
  • Daisy w/ monogram emblem bridal shower cake for a fall wedding
  • Jungle of a Birthday 1st Birthday celebration with a jungle theme
  • RN Degree Celebration Cake for a young lady who just passed her RN exam. Covered and decorated with MMF. Got a lot of...
  • Monogram "N" Monogrammed cupcakes with cream cheese glaze for the bride to be.
  • MSU Michigan State football cupcakes
  • Class 2011 college graduation cake

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