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  • Double Bar Mitzvah Cake One part of the cake representsTaffilin and another one - Western Wall.
  • BOO! Just a graveyard.
  • From the grave - 2 Round cake for Halloween. The same idea as for the jellyroll one.
  • From the grave. Jellyroll. Just one more way to decorate a jellyroll.
  • 50-th Anniversary Cake for Ukrainian couple (hence - image of Kreschatik Ave).
  • Purple Majesty-2 Detail of the wedding cake (top layer).
  • Purple Majesty Wedding cake for Russian couple. Fondant-spray paint-sugar gum flowers-gold, silver, purple dust.
  • Cake for the linguist For Spanish linguist - 10 years with the company.
  • Crossword book puzzle For somebody, who lovs crossword puzzzles. Language - Russian. For the cover I just copied the cover of russian crossword...
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Just one more turkey. This time as a cake. Pretty simple, does not take too much time, but having an...
  • Birds win! I am not a gamer... But the theme for this cotest sounds like fun. So I went on-line and inlightened...
  • Monsters from Deep Blue Sea This cake was created for 8 years old boy, who loves the books from "Monsterquest". I did not want to...
  • Steampunk boot Like for any urban culture, clothes and accessories are very impotrant part of Steampunk. This is why I choose the...

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