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  • Cheetah print cake with a girl jumping out if it Double tier with cheetah print & red with a girl popping out with an explosion.
  • Double stacked cake ruffled with fantasty flowers
  • Peppa Pig
  • 3D Thomas train
  • Cheetah print 21st cake
  • Captain america cake
  • blossom flower cake
  • number 1 Hoot cake
  • White handbag
  • Basketball caps
  • Big cupcake
  • elephant baby shower cake
  • Roller skate cake
  • Alice in wonderland cake & cupcakes
  • Cupcakes with butter frosting
  • Christening cake
  • Peony flower cake with stencil
  • 1 direction cake
  • 18th birthday cake
  • Minnie mouse cake
  • take away food cake
  • cupcakes Nursery
  • White roses
  • Tinkerbell, pink & purple Tinkerbell
  • Beach Cake Topsy Turvey Beach Cake Topsy Turvey
  • Santa Santa
  • Houston Rockets basketball cake. Houston Rockets basketball cake.
  • 60s Rock & Roll cake 60s Rock & Roll cake
  • Rock & Roll cake Rock & Roll cake
  • Elf''s in bed cake. Elf''s in bed cake.
  • Justin Bieber cake Justin Bieber cake
  • Blue & white Holy Communion cake. Blue & white Holy Communion cake
  • Blue & White Cap cake Blue & White Cap cake
  • Pink Communion cake. Pink Communion cake.
  • Blue & White Communion cake Blue & White Communion cake
  • Colourful kids cake Colourful kids cake
  • Lion cake with Zebra, Elephant, Giraffe cup cakes. Lion cake with Zebra, Elephant, Giraffe cup cakes.
  • 21st Champagne bottle & bucket with cupcakes. 21st Champagne bottle & bucket with cupcakes
  • Disco cake with ball Disco cake with ball
  • Tiffany cake Tiffany cake
  • Zebra cake with bow in black, white, grren & purple. Zebra cake with bow in black, white, grren & purple.
  • White Wedding cake with roses, double layers. White Wedding cake with roses, double layers
  • Collingwood football jumper AFL Football jumperCollingwood
  • Baby & Stork Baby & Stork
  • Baptism cake pink, purple & white Baptism cake with a cross.
  • Elephant Cake 18th birthday cake in Pink & Red topsy turvey with an Elephant on top
  • Giggle & Hoot !st Brithday cakewith Giggle & Hoot
  • Black and yellow explosion cake This explosion cake was for amale friend of mine who follows richmond footy team, so thats why the colors are...
  • Blue explosion cake This cake was for a boys 1st b'day, it's called a explosion cake'
  • suitcase cake My client was turning 18 and was going to USA with her school so l thought this was a good...
  • Pink Baptism cake How pretty is this cake? it turned out could be used for a frist b'day.
  • Bear in a box cake l made this cake in a cake class. l think it's great for a baby shower, 1st b'day or christening.
  • Black and white topsy turvy 40th birthday cake l enjoyed making this cake it's a fun and elegant cake.
  • Colourful 1st birthday cake l love this cake it's so colourful.
  • Pink Baptism cake My friend showed me a picture of this cake, l added more to it to change the style.
  • Blue tiffany cake with a chanel white rose Blue tiffany cake with a chanel white rose
  • Birthday/ Wedding cake l made this cake for my Mothers B'day, l got the idea for this cake from the place mat.
  • 2 tier Hot pink & black square cake with a bow
  • Purple square cake with a white bow
  • Black & White cake with White roses
  • Red Car With A Bottom sticking out
  • Aussie Rules Football
  • Chocloate Teddy Bear Cake
  • l made these for a bridal shower
  • Betty Boop
  • Music notes
  • This was my first cake that l made it's all buttercream
  • Choclate wedding Cake
  • Aussie Rules
  • Pink Christening Cake
  • Clown Cake
  • Green & Purple Cake
  • Pink makeup bag with eyeshadow, lipstick & nail polish
  • Pink Teddy Bear Cake
  • Collingwood Magpie AFL Aussie Football
  • Collingwood Magpie Aussie Rules Football
  • pink cake with a Lady in a Glass. l made this cake with the lady in mind, she loves her l thought l would make her in...
  • Baby Shower Cake.
  • Alice in Wonder land.
  • Black and pink handbag This was for my god daughter she choose the colours.
  • Duff Beer
  • Baby Shower Cake
  • Topsy Turvy
  • Croquembouche
  • Raggedy Anne !st Birthday cake
  • Pink Handbag cake
  • Bridal shower cupcakes
  • Rose cupcakes
  • Bride and Groom
  • Wags the Dog from The Wiggles
  • This cake was for a Father and son.
  • Topsy Turvy
  • Purple ribbon cake
  • Aussie Rules Football
  • Pink bow cake
  • Christening Cake
  • Lightning McQueen Lightning McQueen

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