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  • Blue Velvet Petal Lace Cake is a Blue Velvet recipe stuffed with cream cheese and covered in Italian Buttercream.  The cake-board was flooded with...
  • Toy Wooden Baby Blocks This cake was done with 6x6 blocks iced in Buttercream and airbrushed sides.  The font plates were created with chocolate...
  • Baby bib Baby bib with chocolate ducky.  buttercream icing.  Textured with patterned paper towel to give cloth look.  Airbrushed Pink with White...
  • Baby Ester Dress Baby Shower 2011 on day before Easter.  Cake was requested as Brandy soaked cake.  MIxture of Buttercream and cake scraps...
  • Baby Girl Strawberry sponge with white chocolate buttercream and marshmellow fondant.
  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Strwberry Sponge stuffed with Farmer's Market fresh strawberries with Chocolate Buttercream icing.  Strawberry glaze to adhere marshmellow fondant which was...
  • Jack-o-lantern Blinking eyes are not well represented by snapshots.  It was much more impressive in person.  Pumpkin spice marble cake with...
  • Oh Christmas Tree Chocolate mint carved tree.  LED lights added to give proper flavor.  Chocolate train and fondant presents under the tree give...
  • Volley Ball Happy Birthday Preston!  Volley ball cake was neopolitan with buttercream icing and buttercream fondant.  Airbrushed color with hand painted details.
  • Triple Chocolate Cake Chocolate cake marbled with brownie and chocolate chunks.  This was all covered with dark chocolate fondant.
  • Womens Day Cake Red and Dark Chocolate fondant cake.
  • Nathan's First Birthday Drum Cake The personal cake for Nathan is a yellow cake and the family cake is a champagne cake.  Both are stuffed...
  • Teddy Bear Cake Champagne Cake stuffed with strawberry filing and covered with Chocolate Buttercream icing.
  • Hawaiian Wedding Cake White cake with Cream Cheese icing.  Rum flavored fondant with gumpaste Hibiscus flowers airbrushed with food color.
  • Baby Grand Piano Chocolate feast Chocolate cake with dark chocolate fondant.  Airbrused with Black.
  • Bronze Mechanism Birthday cake for Vin.  Champage cake stuffed with Strawberry filling and buttercream icing.  Airbrushed details and gumpaste pipes, emblem and...
  • Bronze Roses Cake Devils food stuffed with cherry filing and marichino buttercream icing.
  • Pink on White White on white flower garland on Chocolate mint cake.
  • Easter Cake Homemade Marshmellow fondant over Banana Sour Cream cake and Cream Cheese Icing.
  • Dragonfly Strawberry cake with White Chocolate Buttercream.
  • Happy Birthday Paul Base is two two layer Chocolate Cherry cakes with Mocha Icing stacked and the clown is a carved pound cake.
  • Chocolate Daisy Lemon Buttercream icing on yellow cake.  Dark Chocolate fondant with draping.
  • Happy Birthday Joel Marble cake with Chocolate Mocha Buttercream and textured dark chocolate fondant.
  • For Clara Marshmellow Green Fondant with gum paste shamrocks.  Cake is Chocolate Irish Creme stuffed with Chocolate Bavarian cream filling.
  • Happy Birthday Bill White cake with white icing.  Used Mocha Star Flowers with blue centers.
  • Happy Birthday Allen! This was a Chocolate Cherry with Mocha Buttercream.  The roses were based on Cherry Cordials.
  • My first roses I used Fluffy Boiled Icing and Cherry Cordial Hershy kisses for the center of the roses.
  • For Louis These were my first attempt.  It was fun decorating them though.
  • Bear My first time to do a Character Cake.  I wasn't very happy with the way it turned out, but I'm...
  • Chocolate Mocha My first time doing string.  Chocolate cake with Mocha Buttercream with pour on chocolate fondant.

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