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  • Gucci Birthday
  • Juicy baby
  • family reunion
  • religious
  • Ace of spades
  • Hollywood theme
  • Barbie
  • Pink Birthday
  • king birthday
  • juicy birthday
  • Happy 14th birthday
  • Minnie Mouse Sweet 16
  • cheerleader
  • Gucci bag
  • Bags and shoes
  • religious book
  • Jungel Baby
  • Sleeping Baby
  • Hollywood
  • Gangster for life
  • Twin Baby Girls
  • Transformer
  • Hello Kitty again
  • Hello Kitty!
  • Glamor Girl
  • Mardi Gras
  • Christmas surprise
  • Hannah Montana
  • Military Man
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Bowling Shirt
  • Simple but elegant White Wedding
  • Happy Veterans Day
  • 50th birthday
  • I love Prada Shoes! Frosting sheets was used to print out shoes
  • Someone loves their Red honda printed frosting sheet was used as cut out for honda symbol
  • Dora
  • Happy 18th!!
  • Golden Rose
  • 2nd boombox request
  • Princess and frog
  • Las Vegas cake and cupcakes cupcakes were put in campaign glasses to be used as cupcake holders
  • Born on halloween!!
  • Black n white affair
  • Halloween Birthday
  • Pink Footprints and Booties
  • Pink Basket Ball
  • I-Phone
  • Diamonds and Pearls
  • 18th birthday
  • Buttercreme Baby Shower
  • Sports Cupcake
  • Baby Shower bears bear on top was cake with melted chocolate poured over it and bears on cake was made from chocolate with...
  • Spiderman
  • Iron Man
  • 80's Boombox
  • My Shoes Shoes were made from gumpaste..
  • Ludy Bugs Baby Shower cake n cupcakes This cake also has matching cupcakes
  • Baby Shower Tiffany Blue Cake was done for baby shower but this can be used for any occasion
  • Baby shower Surprise
  • Michael Jackson
  • Christening Cake This cake can be used for any religous affair that envolves a girl or colors can be changed to blue...
  • Buttercreme Simple Birthday Cake
  • Buttercreme Cars birthday cake
  • Birthday coach cake
  • Buttercreme coach cake
  • TopsyTurvy Birthday Cake
  • Sesame Street 1st Birthday
  • 40th birthday 3 layer drapped in fondant with stars
  • rasta lady cake cake was draped with fondant facial features along with curly was piped on with butter creme icing
  • tinkerbell 3 layer cake draped all in fondant with tinkerbell candles as cake toppers
  • lighting mcqueen from cars bottom layer cake was made with butter creme and cars shaped pan was made with fondant and mixture of buttercreme...
  • lion cake theme this cake was made for a baby shower theme, bottom layer was made
  • flounder from little mermaid I used a heart shaped pan turned sideways to decorate flounder from little mermaid
  • rock star bottom layer was made with chocolate fondant and top layer was made with guitar pan piped with butter creme icing
  • spongebob and bows fondant birthday cake with spongebob candle
  • presents cake was mady shower for baby shower but can be use for any occasion...
  • elmo elmo cake 3-d style
  • soccer cake soccer cake

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