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  • Palme
  • Katamaran
  • Planeten
  • Squirt Turtle (Finding Nemo)
  • Lego Ninjago Zane Lego Ninjago Zane
  • Dino
  • Lightning McQueen (Disney Cars)
  • Brewster Train Chuggington
  • Summer Holidays
  • down from now on.... Cake for a guy who loves climbing and snowboarding.
  • Carneval
  • Kitchen Cake for a cook
  • Twins 1st Birthday Boy and Girl on a shared cake
  • Box of pralines Cake (top and bottom) and pralines for valentine's day.
  • Leather 'n more Cake for a friend of mine who is into s/m
  • Christmas present
  • Book
  • SpaceShuttle Hand-carved cake with sugarpaste
  • Sudoku Cake with sugarpaste
  • Lego Legoman plus 6 legobricks. I used a bakingform for those but then I cut off the studs because it was...
  • Batman over Gotham City for my son's friend - it was his 7th birthday - if you look closely, you can see that on...
  • Hansel and Gretel The house of the witch from Hansel und Gratel - it's a cake, not made of gingerbread.
  • Snowman
  • Lantern Feast
  • Here lies the youth of...
  • Lightning McQueen
  • Bart Simpson
  • Dad That was for my neighbours birthday - he's got a 4 year old son and 1 1/2 year old twins....
  • 1st day at school - Schult?te In Austria kids get some kind of cone filled with sweets or toys for their first day at school. So...
  • Barbapapa - again Did this one for the twins of our neighbour - everything edible
  • Beach Party Did that one for my sons beach party - everything edible except a dowel in the palm tree.
  • Peppa Pig Peppa Pig cake with Peppa and George made of rolling fondant.
  • Viennese Underground Everything edible - KitKat-Cake covered in rolling fondant.
  • Hobie Cat Catamaran on the sea - everything edible except mast and rope
  • Bee Maya Hand carved honey-flavoured cake with honey-buttercream and sugarpaste
  • Plants vs. Zombies Made for my husband who really loves the computer game "plants vs. zombies"Cake covered in rolling fondant and sugarpaste, figures...
  • Hungry devil I made this cake for my own birthday - unfortunately I lost all pictures of the finished cake because the...
  • Farmville jumping pig Made for a Farmville-dessert contest. Leaves and pig made of rolling fondant.
  • Poker-jetons 3 cakes cut in the middle and covered in rolling fondant
  • 25-year anniversary Made after the pic of a couple wed for 25 years. He's holding a newspaper, she's got cucumber-slices on her...
  • Hello Kitty 3d Hello Kitty cake - lemon cake with rolling fondant and edible glitter
  • Easter Nests Lemon cupcakes with grass made of buttercream and sugar-eggs.
  • Balloons I made this cake for a balloon-party - everything is edible.
  • Star
  • Spongebob Made of sugarpaste, about 5 cm high
  • Smurf's house Cake for a smurf-lover - smurfs in front of the cake are plastic.
  • Santa Star
  • 2 in 1 cake ... for a nurse and a guy who loves signore rossi
  • Smurf She loves smurfs...
  • A pirate's ship For my son's pirate-party - a ship made of cake, marcipane and sugar paste (everything except the masts is edible...
  • Choir logo Cake for my choir's party
  • easy Soccer-cake A quick cake for my son's birthday-celebration at kindergarden
  • Barbapapa My son's 5th birthday - a cake with all his TV-friends
  • Corn-roll I thought it wouldn't work out and it didn't. The raspberries inside were too juicy and nearly dissolved the fondant....
  • Chess Chess-problem for my father in law.
  • shoe box fondant-covered two-layer-cake
  • Roll the dice three-layered cake with fondant cover
  • Spongebob made with a spongebob-tin but I added arms and legs (marcipane)
  • Minnie Mouse This cake was for my son's 4th birthday - he just loves minnie.
  • My present I made this cake twice - one for my friend (the white one) and one for a friend's mom. It's...
  • Cake is burning! Too much fire on the cake! I made it for the 50th birthday of my friend's sister. She's working at...
  • Farmville I made this cake for a real Farmville-Fan - it resembles her farm (online-game).
  • Ducky on Pond This fondant-covered ducky is swimming on a sugar-lake surrounded by edible rocks. The flower is also made of fondant.
  • Welcome Little Girl! It's a coconut-cake with a heart-shaped filling covered in rolling fondant.
  • Care Bear
  • Big Blue House Bear's House with Ojo and Tutter

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