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  • Tennis birthday cake
  • Mario birthday cake
  • Spring cupcakes Thanks to sjlh for the inspiration!
  • Blauwbloezen birthday cake Blauwbloezen is a Belgian comic about the American civil war, Jasper is a big fan of the comics...
  • Mario Bros birthday cake
  • Diego and baby jaguar cake
  • Toy Story birthday cake and cupcakes
  • T-rex cake
  • Colourful cupcakes
  • Kwebbel birthday cake
  • Hello Kitty cake
  • Mermaid birthday cake
  • Swimming cupcakes
  • The cutest birthday cupcakes I made 24 of this sweet cupcakes for my daughter's 8th birthday!
  • My first cake pops I made this cake pops as a small treat for the New Year's coffee.
  • Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate meringue buttercream
  • Raindeer cupcakes I made this chocolate cupcakes with the kids, we use candy and homemade cookies for eyes and nose, the ears...
  • Christmas cupcakes
  • Ballerina birthday cake
  • Birdie birthday cake
  • Lego birthday cake for Emile Sponge cake with banana cream, chocolate mousse and butter cream, covered with fondant.
  • Romantic rose cupcakes
  • Pink Bumba birthday cake
  • Bob the builder birthday cake
  • Littlefoot dino birthday cake
  • Smurfette birthday cake
  • Halloween cupcakes
  • Teenager birthday cake A super-chocolate cake, with a white and brown chocolate-mousse filling...
  • Pirate boat birthday cake
  • Buzz Lightyear birthday cake Not easy to make, and Buzz still does not look as I wanted him to...But the birthday boy was very...
  • Dobus the clown birthday cake Dobus is a popular television clown in Belgium!  It was much fun to create a cake with him!
  • Summer cupcakes I made these cupcakes with my daughter on a summer day
  • 25th Anniversary cake This cake was for the 25th wedding anniversary of a good friend
  • Millipede cake A cake for the yearly barbecue at my children's school.  The name of the school is 'The Millepede', so the...
  • Twins birthday cake The best friends of my sun are twins, the mum wanted a combined birthday cake:  a princess for Flore and...
  • Ballet cupcakes Thes cupcakes were a gift for the ballet teachter of my daughter
  • Snowman cupcakes I made these cute snowman cupcakes as a X-mass holiday gift for the teachers of my kids
  • Lego birthday cake A cool birthday cake for a Lego lover!
  • Birthday cake for Margot Sweet birthday cake for the first birthday of my niece Margot
  • Baptism cake for Mina A cake for the baptism of my french niece's baby Mina, she wanted the cake in the same colours as...
  • Hello Kitty birthday cake Hello Kitty over the rainbow for Ruby
  • Mini easter cupcakes A small treat for my daughter's teacher
  • Princess castle birthday cake This cake was for my daughter's best friend!
  • Angelina Ballerina birthday cake A sweet pink Angelina cake for a little ballerina!
  • Bumba cake Bumba is a popular television clown in Belgium.  All 2-years old adore him!
  • Cars 2 birthday cake Lightning McQueen in the version of the 2nd Cars movie
  • Birthday cake in Pip Studio style A sweet, pink cake for a romantic 7 year old girl!

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