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  •  Farmville Cake   The pumpkins are the candy, the radishes are M&Ms with white chocolate on the bottom, the peas are fruit chews...
  •  Mickey Mouse
  •  Halloween Ghosts   My first MMF ever made, this got me started decorating cakes. I found the recipe in a cooking magazine over...
  •  Cowboy Theme
  •  Baby Shaped Cake   Found an example on CakeCentral and re-did it. I am not sure which person I copied this from, I did...
  •  Taco Cupcakes   The shell is melted yellow chocolate wafers with a little cocoa powder added. A slice of cupcake in the middle,...
  •  Football Cake   Birthday cake shaped like a egg...I mean football. :)
  •  Baseball Cake   I was not happy with the hat
  •  Science Beaker Cake   Dry ice was put through the middle, which was made of pvc pipe.
  •  Barbie Cake   Real Barbie in a barbie cake
  •  Graduation Cake   Graduation cake
  •  Fondant / Gumpaste Class   Daisy Cake with gumpaste box
  •  Princess Castle Cake