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  • pinwheel
  • strawberry cover in chocolate
  • strawberry shortcake
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  • 1323812846.jpg
  • 1323812714.jpg
  • 1323812606.jpg
  • 1323812513.jpg
  • 1323811769.jpg
  • twin boys
  • turkey and gravy turkey is made of yellow cake with a filling of home made dulce de leche is cover in fondant, the...
  • 1322865606.jpg
  • 1322865439.jpg
  • 1322865313.jpg
  • clouds and landscape
  • zee
  • moose and zee
  • princess and the frog
  • princess and the frog
  • guitar
  • cannoli
  • i love tiramisu
  • lilies
  • princess 1st birthday
  • day a the spa cake
  • Butterfly
  • horse races
  • gymnastics
  • cigar box
  • straberry cheesecake
  • hello kitty
  • simple real roses cake
  • hat
  • Gabriella's christening
  • hello kitty vanilla cake with one layer of dulce de leche and peaches and a layer of bavarian cream cover in fondant...
  • princess
  • lady bugs
  • castle cake
  • spongebob
  • sunflowers
  • florida
  • arrr!!!
  • spring time
  • its a girl
  • baby carriage
  • action
  • flowers carrot cake with cream cheese icing and fondant flowers.
  • chess cakes this cake is cover in fondant and each piece is made of either darck or white chocolate.
  • pirate cake this is a vanilla cake with a vanilla filling and is cover in butter cream icing the ship is made...
  • thanksgiving this is a vanilla and chocolate cake with a dulce de leche and peaches filling it is cover in butter...
  • golf This is a chocolate cake with a peanut butter filling cover in a buttercream icing. the water is made with...
  • all in This is a chocolate cake with a rasberry filling cover in fondant and buttercream icing.
  • sweet dreams This is a vanilla cake with a vanilla custard cream filling and a dulce de leche mouse, cover in fondant...

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