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  • Zebra and LEopard Print Baby Cake
  • Coconut Drinks
  • Baby Rump Cake
  • Lego Cake
  • Martini Cupcakes
  • Valentine Cupcake Bouquet
  • Cupcake Cake Half sheet carved to look like a cupcakes! tfl
  • Caillou Cake Caillou cake was carved out of a half sheet looking at a bob the builder pan. small smash cake and...
  • Pinkalicious Cake For my goddaughters birthday who loves the pinkalicious books, the inside of the cake was also dyed pink!
  • Bonfire Cake 24 cupcakes...yellow with half iced in chocolate and other half iced in peanut butter. fondant logs and ring, flames were...
  • Scooby Tiered Cake 6" and 8" with buttercream icing, fondant flowers and i had pictures printed out and then got them laminated to...
  • Candy Cake 6" and 8" cake with buttercream icing....fondant letters and numbers with a ton of candy! tfl
  • My First Wedding Cake This was my first wedding cake i did and i was a little worried...but it went smoothly for the most...
  • 50th Anniversary Cake got inspiration from another cake one here...came out okay..really wasn't happy the golds weren't the same...but overall not bad...
  • 50th Anniversary 3 tiered with buttercream icing and gold beads..inside was white and chocolate...
  • Shamu this was my bday cake...the whale was made out of fondant but it cracked to much so i covered it...
  • Egg Cupcakes
  • Mummy/Eyeball Cupcakes
  • Bud Light Bottle
  • Phineas and Ferb chocolate and lemon cake with buttercream icing...carved out of half sheet cakes
  • Peace
  • Baby Basinet Made with buttercream icing and the baby was from a cake kit and a fondant blanket
  • Easter Peep Cupcakes
  • Skydiver Cake
  • Duck Cupcakes
  • American Flag this was for a soldier who just returned home and who had missed his bday and christmas
  • Hershey Kiss Cake
  • Foot Cake
  • Hermit Crab Cake my first request for a hermit crab cake...lol..hermit crabs, water dish and log were made out of fondant and the...
  • White Wedding Cake 8 and 12 inch round with buttercream icing separated with a fluted bowl...
  • 2 Tiered with Hearts 2 tiered with buttercream icing with red and white fondant hearts
  • Anniversary Cake 2 tiered anniversary cake for my parents...buttercream and chocolate buttercream icing with fondants flowers
  • Pumpkin Cake
  • Marine Cake
  • Hulk Cake
  • Engagement Cake
  • Flower Cake
  • Zebra Cake all done with buttercream
  • Heart Cake
  • Moose  a Moose and Zee
  • Dora Luau Cake got the idea for the dora on this site and added the flowers...
  • Confetti Cake
  • Golf Cake
  • Optimus Prime Cake
  • Wizard of Oz Cake
  • John Deere Tractor
  • Baby Belly Cake My first attempt at one and am very proud...i decided to take a different route though and try and use...
  • Mother's Day Cake
  • Spiderman Cake
  • Optimus Prime Cake
  • Buzz Lightyear Cake White cake tye dye inside with buttercream icing...thanks for looking...
  • Penguin Cake Chocolate cake with buttercream icing...the penguins are made out of fondant, the water is piping gel and the igloo is...
  • Motorcycle Cake
  • Little [et shop cake i got the idea for the cake off of cake central and thank goodness i found it...this was such a...
  • Heart Tye Dye chocolate cake with buttercream icing...the little girl wanted a tye dye cake with peace signs and hearts...i airbrushed the tye...
  • Ladybug Cake this is a brown and pink lady bug i did for a baby shower
  • Tye Dye Cake I did the tye dye with an airbrush and the inside of the cake also was tye dye...it was fun...
  • Spongebob
  • Box Of Chocolates For my boyfriend...his favorite chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing with chocolate covered cherries...made from 2 8" hearts and the...
  • Christening Cake i got this idea of the basic design of this cake from cc...when i saw the cake it was just...
  • Harley Davidson Cake The customer was not to detailed on what she wanted except harley davidson...i got the idea off someone from cc...i...
  • 4 Tiered Wedding 8, 12, 16 inch square with buttercream icing on chocolate cake...with cornelli lace..thanks for looking
  • Rose Cake
  • Anniversary Cake This was 2 chocolate heart cakes put together...one has buttercream icing and the other one has chocolate buttercream icing with...
  • 3 Tiered Stacked Heart Cake This was my first attempt at the 3 tiered and stacked cake.  And for a change I really like how...
  • Pacman Game Cake
  • Lighthouse Cake this was my first attempt at doing a 3d thing. the lighthouse is made out of rice krispie treats and...
  • Lighthouse Cake
  • Princess Jasmine
  • Pacman  Cake
  • 2 Tiered Cake I just did this cake as practice...
  • Present Cake This was my first fondant cake
  • Daisy Cake
  • VBS Crocodile Dock Cake
  • Spongebob Cake
  • Motorcycle Cake
  • My First Cake
  • Father's Day Cake
  • Pink Tiered Cake
  • Princess Castle Cake
  • Tigger Cake
  • Mario and Princess Peach Cake
  • Blue Heart Cake
  • Bumble Bee

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