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  • peace sign cake covered in fondant
  • mud truck all bc icing
  • guitar cake this cake is all fondant with icing strings
  • hotrod cake this is a cake covered in all fondant
  • 3 tier boys cake this cake is covered in fondant
  • 3-d smores cake this cake is a 3-d smore i used two larger squares and covered them in fondant and used a smaller...
  • tree cake this cake my sil wanted it to match the tree on the paper so i threw it together last minute...
  • copenhagen cake covered in all fondant
  • ladybug cake all bc except the ladybug and its rct covered in fondant
  • princess cake bc with fondant zebra stripes
  • bride of frankinstien covered in bc and has some fondant pieces
  • lowes cake this cake is covered in fondant and flags are hand painted
  • monkey cake this cake is stacked with 3 6' inch rounds and covered in bc and then handmade bananas  theres about 150...
  • playboy made this cake and it covered in fondant
  • Spongebob cake i made this vanilla cake and covered it in fondant and hand painted so of it and used brown sugar...
  • monkey cake I made this cake with all fondant with buttercream and vanilla cake
  • birthday present cake made with all fondant except the tag and it was bought at the scrapbook store
  • fire truck cake made with everything showed above
  • monster energy drink made with cake,bc icing and fondant
  • flip flop made with cake,buttercream frosting 2 fake flowers and 4 fruit roll ups
  • xbox 360 made with pound cake and fondant
  • deer head cake i used two 8 inch rounds for the cake and i used RK treats to do the deer and and...
  • bud light can i did all of the decorating in fondant and i used pound cake to hold the shape
  • crown royal cake i used fondant to decorate everything on it!
  • Oklahoma State Cake pound cake covered in fondant
  • Clone trooper cake the is a clone trooper cake made with one layer or vanilla cake covered in fondant
  • 3-D Oreo cake i made chocolate oreo cake for the top and bottom layers and covered them in fondant then a white cake...
  • my barrel of candy cake I used kitkats around the cake ,and m&ms on top of the cake . the cake itself is a two...
  • Hannah Montana Birthday cake This is a hannah montana fondant cake.
  • My first fondant cake I made this cake for my nieces 1st birthday!

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