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  • An Owl for Angie If only the picture had done this cake justice...vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream under fondant decor.
  • minnie mouse 8 and 6" vanilla cake with chocolate filling and vanilla buttercream.  Fondant decor.  Matching cupcakes!
  • dinosaur first 9 and 6" chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream under fondant decor.
  • Stars and stripes 12" square topped with 6" round chocolate cakes with vanilla buttercream under fondant decor
  • When a sheet cake just won't do! This was for my daughter's 6th b-day.  Learned a lot about how I should have structured this!  Almost all cake:...
  • 1st b-day 8" choc cake, vanilla buttercream under fondant decor.  balloon strings are wire.
  • peace, love, and popcorn 8", 6" vanilla cake, vanilla bc under fondant decor. bow is 50/50. matching "popcorn" cake pops.
  • Circus b-day 10" chocolate cake base, 8"/8"/7" carved vanilla middle tier and vanilla sports ball pan top.
  • Fall Wedding Red Velvet under ivory fondant and gumpaste leaves
  • Strawberry Shortcake 9" bottom, 6" top.  All fondant decor.  Birthday girl took a bite out of it before I got the pic...leading...
  • whimsy 14
  • Surfer Groom 12x18 carved, added tip from carvings
  • Aqua Wedding 12, 10, 8, 6
  • Toy Story 9", 6", Cake ball, fondant decor
  • Tux groom's cake 12" heart pan
  • Sandcastle Wedding My 1st wedding cake.  3 hour drive resulted in a slight tilt....
  • Christening cake 9" & 6" round chocolate cake, whipped ganache filling, choc bc under mmf w/white chocolate cross.  Made to match christening...
  • Shark b-day Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream under fondant decor.  Bottom is 10"; top is two 6", one 5", one 4" stacked...
  • Batman Torso is vanilla cake with choc bc under fondant, neck and head are RKT under fondant
  • 1st Princess Fresh Strawberry cake, cream cheese frosting under fondant, gumpaste tiara
  • flower pot Learned alot!  Yellow cake, buttercream under fondant, royal icing flowers
  • Jungle Baby 10" round, 6" square cube top, fondant decoration over buttercream
  • "Help! My cake lady quit making cakes!" Last minute cake.  9" round dark chocolate cake, whipped ganache filling and frosting under mmf decorations.  Gumpaste bow and tag.
  • Little Mermaid 12" chocolate cake w/ pb bc filling, 9" & carved 6" fresh strawberry cake w/ cream cheese icing.  all mmf...
  • Jr. Love 9" vanilla cake w/ choc bc under mmf.
  • 1st B-day 10" and 6" vanilla cake, chocolate bc filling, vanilla bc. Green gumpaste bow and 1st b-day disk.

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