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  • Tiffani's Tiffany Bridal Shower Cake
  • Thank You Cake This was a thank you cake created for the wonderful men and women who helped to take care of my...
  • Kaiidon's First Birthday
  • Kennedy's First Birthday Cake This cake was designed to look like the Birthday Girl's Dress.
  • Abby's Gymnastics Birthday Cake
  • Haley's Birthday
  • 30th Birthday Cake
  • Kathy' s Birthday
  • Cake ball tower Birthday Cake Five different cake balls on a tower.
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  • Gianna's Movie Birthday Cake
  • Grayson's First Birthday
  • Jess's Year Three Recovery
  • Dr. Suess Cake
  • Stephanie's birthday
  • Disco Cake
  • Jordyn's Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake
  • Pittsburgh Mom's Birthday / Mother's Day / Marathon Celebration Cake
  • Pass the Chicken Thanksgiving Cake
  • Under the sea cupcakes
  • Graydon's Spy Cake
  • Blake's birthday
  • Liam's smash cake
  • Thea's birthday
  • Jill's wedding cake
  • Kristyn's wedding
  • Kristyn's shower
  • Will's birthday
  • Baby Shower cake
  • Hibiscus Wedding Cake
  • Pirate Birthday Cake I made this cake for my son's 4th birthday.  The bottom teirs are a chocolate 12" and a yellow 10"....
  • Butterflies and Flowers Birthday Party
  • Bingo/Slot Machine Birthday Cake This cake was super fun to make.  The bottom is a chocolate 11x13.5 cake iced in vanilla buttercream covered in...
  • Pitt jersey
  • Tangled Tower The tower is made of RKT over a pvc pipe.  The cake is a 12 inch round covered in MMF...
  • Blue Thunder Monster Truck This was a structural challenge for sure!!  But it was fun problem solving with the hubby!  We used a cut...
  • R2D2 cake Thanks for all the inspiration from other CC folks.  This was 7 tiers tall with the top two being sculpted....
  • Candy cake
  • Cigar cake White cake with almond BC and MMF.  Bottom cake was my first 16x16!  I felt like a real baker taking...
  • Ice Skate Cake The cake is yellow and chocolate layers with vanilla buttercream and almond marshmallow fondant.  The skate is made of gum...
  • SpongeBob Cake The cake is chocolate and yellow layers with vanilla buttercream and almond marshmallow fondant.
  • Graduation cake The girl just graduated high school.  The second tier represents her college colors where she will be going for elementary...
  • First Birthday cake This was a lesson in construction for my husband and me!  We went to the local hardware store for some...
  • My first wedding cake! This was a first in many ways.  It was my first 4 tier cake, first time with ribbon, first time...
  • Kylie and Abby's Topsy Turvy Birthday Party This cake was made for my daughter and her best friend whose birthdays are one day apart.  It is a...

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