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  •  Grooms Boat   Groom's cake to look like his favorite boat.
  •  Wedding Cake   The bride wanted her cake to look like her dress.
  •  Picture Frame   Groom's cake. Picture frame is modeling chocolate and pictures of dogs, edible images
  •  Bee Hive Wedding Cake   This cake was inspired by a cake from Cake Opera in Canada. I thank them. It is all fondant with the bees being modeling chocolate.
  •  Henna Wedding Cake   The couple were renewing their wedding vows. 10th anniversary. Fondant and swirls are sugarveil. Bottom and 3rd tier were dummies.
  •  18Th Birthday   All fondant accents.
  •  Pam's Wedding   Since I listen to you guys, I used Sixlets for the pearls. They worked out Great!!! Thank goodness for CC'ers!
  •  1St Birthday  A little girl's first birthday and they wanted to make it special. Butterflies made of modeling chocolate; everything else, fondant....
  •  Magazine Event  The magazine I advertise in had their 15th anniversary. I did a cake this cake for them. There was no theme so I could do anything I wanted...
  •  Jungle Theme  Little boy's 1st birthday. Animals out of modeling chocolate, everthing else fondant. Elephant's tusk, lion's tail, and of...
  •  Wedding
  •  Two Tiered Wedding Cake
  •  Debbie's Birthday  For our sister's birthday. The purse was filled with things she loves, and on a zebra skin rug. It was the image of her favorite purse...