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  • Birthday Fun This was for a co-worker whose favorite colors are purple and turquoise.  Buttercream frosting with fondant accents.
  • Gone Bananas 2 Just a different view.
  • Gone Bananas This is for a friend's b-day who loves monkeys.  Chocolate cake, coconut pecan frosting in middle and around sides, BC...
  • Pick A Card Sugar cookie cards for a co-worker's birthday who loves card tricks.
  • Sawed In Half This is for a magician co-worker.  It was fun sawing a Barbie in half...literally!
  • Easter Bunny Fun Easter cake for family dessert.
  • Cars Logo Frozen BC transfer.  The cake is actually white, it's just the lighting that makes it look discolored.
  • Racing Cars 2 Detail on cake sides.
  • Racing Cars Frozen BC frosting transfer on 2-layer chocolate cake with BC frosting.
  • Thank You Note Made this for a friend who has played the piano for me a couple times for church  musical numbers.
  • Dirt Bike Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  I cut Twinkies in half and frosted over for the mounds.  Dirt is chocolate graham...
  • For The Ladies My first tiered cake.  I was so happy it stayed up!  Covered with fondant and decorated with royal icing roses...
  • Harry Potter's Wand Chocolate cake for box, mushed brownie for handle, and fondant for wand.

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