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  •  Cheshire Cat Petit Fours   Cheshire cat inspired petit fours done for a friends 20th bday
  •  Butterfly Cupcakes   Vanilla cupcakes with fondant butterflies on them.
  •  Butterfly Cake   Little sisters 6th bday cake
  •  Valentines Cupcakes   valentines day cupcakes triedd a new technique, work ok for a first try
  •  Xbox 360 Birthday Cake   Xbox 360 on its side with a painted trex wearing a monacle for my friends 20th bday
  •  Harry Potter Dark Mark Cake  The death eater dark mark from harry potter in 3D version Basically a black skull with a green snake wrapped around it, all made of cake...
  •  Christmas Cookies   trees, snow flakes and stars make up this batch of cookies
  •  Zombie Birthday Cake   My boyfriends birthday cake, i was very proud of the hands. Especially since im still learning how to mold
  •  Tank Birthday Cake   My dad was in the military for 18 years so i figured this would be something to try.
  •  Home Depo Cake  I assisted 3 friends in the creation of this Home depo grande opening cake, being apart of this Cakes On Demand creation was amazing and...
  •  Off Road Cupcakes   Fathersday off road cupcakes
  •  Piano Cake   Piano cake I did at Cakes On Demand for my piano teacher
  •  Barbie 5Th Birthday Cake  My sisters 5th bday cake she wanted a princess n thats what she got! We put her favorite barbie in a larger version of the barbie cake...

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