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  • 100_2000.JPG Just fooling around TFL. I am not good with the fondant thing so I was trying to see if I...
  • 100_1972.JPG Yellow cake,BC and Sugar cookies TFL
  • 100_1811.JPG Assorted cupcake flavors with assorted BCOh yeah and forgot to add on the other post. That the decorations are rolled...
  • 100_1807.JPG Assorted cupcake flavors with assorted BC
  • 100_1816.JPG Candy Barrel cake with cupcake tower
  • Boy Short Bikini TFL this was made from ones I had seen on here. All the talented people on here
  • Baby Stuff Here are some baby items I made TFL
  • Party Hat This was my first Party Hat. NFSC with RI thanks for looking
  • FLower? Atom? Ok so this cookie started out to be a flower. Then I kept going. It looks more like an atom...
  • Bridal Set Cookies that were made for a bridal shower. TFL.
  • Housewarming This type of cookie was made for a housewarming party. TFL
  • Lets go fly a kite Here is my first kite cookie. I liked the way this one came out. TFL
  • Ice Skate My attempt at an iceskate and luster dust. I dont think I used the luster dust right. TFL
  • Palm Trees NFSC with RI TFL
  • Flip FLops Some simple flip flops TFL
  • Bikini with flowers This is a bikini I made. Thanks to all the ideas on CC. TFL
  • Girls dress Here is a girls dress. NFSC with RI TFL
  • Baby Bottle Cookie Baby Bottle NFSC with RI TFL
  • Wedding Cake Cookie Here is one of my attempts at making a wedding cake cookie. NFSC all done in RI TFL
  • Cookie Pops These were just me playing around with some cookie pops. Pink for girls and Blue for boys at a school.
  • Arabic Letters These cookies were made for an Islamic School. Attempt at Arabic letters for the children. TFL
  • Football Cookies Cookies made for a football party TFL
  • Cupcakes These are cupcakes that were made for a school function. TFL
  • Halloween Cupcakes More Halloween Cupcakes TFL
  • Halloween Cupcakes These were made for a halloween party. I love the way the colors came out. TFL
  • A cake made by my 10 yr old son This was the second cake my son made. He truely enjoys it and that is all that matters

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