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  • Darth Vader Star wars cupcake cake cupcake cake ...all cupcakes
  • housewarming mailbox cookie cake chocolate chip cookie cake
  • Sleeping beauty cupcake cake This cake consists of 50 cupcakes
  • Bart Simpson cupcake cake This cake is all cupcakes
  • martial arts karate cookie cake chocolate chip cookie cake
  • Strawberry Shortcake cupcake cake This cake is made up of 50 cupcakes.
  • Batman cupcake cake All cupcakes!
  • strawherry shortcake cookie cake This is one big chocolate chip cookie.
  • luigi and toad mario bros cupcake cake this cake is made up of all cupcake
  • sunset martini cupcake cake cupcake cake
  • 40 cupcakes
  • 40 cupcakes
  • Hawaiian luau This cake was done last minute.  The work "laua" is not spelled wrong-it is an inside joke!! It is 44...
  • hamburger & hotdog cupcakes hamburgers are nilla wafers, peppermint patty, shredded coconut for lettuce,colored frosting for ketchup and mustard.  Hot dogs are circus peanut...
  • luau cupcake cake 50 cupcakes with 2 hawaiin cake girls.
  • Ed Hardy Cupcake Cake this was my first Ed Hardy cupcake cake.  Not an easy one. It is 50 cupcakes. 25 chocolate and 25...
  • Star Wars Anikan Lego cupcake cake 30 cupcakes
  • pirate cupcale cake about 30 cupcakes. chicklets for the teeth
  • laua cupcake cake 50 cupcakes
  • laua cupcake cake 50 cupcakes
  • hawaiin luau cupcake cake One doll cake and 30 cupcakes is what this cake consists of.
  • dora cupcake cake about 30 cupcakes in this cake
  • halloween cupcakes
  • Irish Flah this cake imade up of all cupcakes. Just pull off what you need.
  • vincent van gogh starry night this cupcake cake consists of cupcakes.
  • carnival tent - about 40 cupcakes carnival cake consists of about 40 cupcakes.
  • tinkerbell-30 cupcakes this cake consists of 30 cupcakes. Half of them chocolate and the other yellow cake.

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