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  • Pooh and friends
  • Pocahontas cake
  • Star Wars Cake Star Wars cake
  • Fire Engine Cake Fire engine cake
  • Classic Guitar Cake Classic guitar cake
  • New10
  • New11 2
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • My first lipstick cake
  • New1
  • Cars
  • Poppie
  • Table tennis This was for a two year boy and his favourite game
  • Box and pills A friend aksed for a cake just like that particular medicine, so that is it :)
  • Book cake
  • Lily's 30 birthday cake Dark chocolate ganache cake with strawberry mousse
  • Little mermaid cake
  • My first ''swimming pool'' cake
  • Shoe box cake
  • Bear and baby cake for first birthday
  • Brown and ivory wedding cake
  • Cars cake
  • Two rams for a twin's birthday :)
  • Train cake Red velvet cake inside.
  • Katerina's cake The cake was inspired by the present I made. Red velvet cake inside.
  • My first shoe box cake It was for a friend who wanted something purple, something fashionable and a ram with a necklace :) .....so this...
  • My first belly cake Dark ganache cake
  • Nat Geo cake
  • Roses
  • Red roses
  • Viki's bithday cake
  • tractor Tom
  • cake for my father-in-law dark ganache cake, chocolate leaves
  • veli's cake
  • more houses
  • second house
  • my first house
  • Chocolate cake
  • Red velvet cake, filigree cradle
  • Baby George's party Truffle cake
  • Ocean themed cake Coconut cake with bananas inside. Figures made of sugar fondant and icing.
  • Pooh and friends birthday cake Coconut cake with bananas
  • Dani's birthday cake
  • Sponge Bob birthday cake
  • IMG_7669.jpg
  • IMG_6536.jpg
  • IMG_6387.jpg
  • My first wedding cake Chocolate ganache cake.
  • 60th birthday I made this for the 60th birthday of a teacher, who's hobby is fishing. It's a Truffle cake, the cover...
  • Coconut cake 2 I made this for a friend's birthday. She asked for something with flowers,
  • Eli's baby shower Coconut cake with bananas inside.
  • Coconut cake I made this cake for a friend's third wedding anniversary. Sugar fondant roses and leaves.
  • IMG_4153.jpg Decoration with dark and white chocolate
  • Birthday cake for mom
  • IMG_2396.jpg My first baby shower cake.
  • Dany's cake 2 decoration with sugar fondant and butter cream
  • Dany's cake decoration with sugar fondant

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