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  • Valentines Day Cake I made this cake with my grandaughters.  Top layer is red velvet cake.  Two other layers are chocolate fudge.  Layers...
  • Gingerbread Sleigh This Gingerbread Sleigh is this years Christmas project with my grandchilden.  We also make the cookies surrounding the sleigh.
  • Ed Hardy inspired cake I made this cake for  my daughter's birthday.  It is an Italian spongecake with a boiled cream filling.
  • IMG_0645.JPG I made this Busch de Noel for Christmas Eve.  I made the mushrooms out of merangue and dusted them with...
  • IMG_0161_065.JPG My grandchildren and I made this cake for my Easter sweet table.  It was fun.  Bottom layer was yellow cake,...
  • 100_4870.JPG I made this cake for my grandaughter's first holy communion. The cookie baskets surrounding the cake were the table centerpieces.