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  • Cake-a-Mania 2013 Dr. Seuss and Thing 1 Thing 2. 3 tier with edible hand drawn characters. Fun cake for sure.
  • 3 Tier Baby Shower Cake Chevron And Ombre Circles Adorn This Cake For Baby Cj 3 tier baby shower cake chevron and ombre circles adorn this cake for baby CJ.
  • xbox 360 cake
  • zebra and hot pink For the most modern Quincenera
  • Dr. Suess baby shower
  • Cheetah and hot pink gift box 10" square 3 layer gift box, fondant covered
  • My sisters wedding cake Cakegoodness inspiration cake. 1 dummy cake and 4 real cakes.
  • Juicy cake My attempt at pink cake box, juicy coture cake.
  • lollipop cake Fondant lollipopsBasic 8" cake fondant decorations
  • 80s boombox cake tower 6" boombox2dzn cupcakes
  • My LV cakes These were soo dang hard and time consuming...the cake...a cinch...its the monograms that were so tedious...but i liked the way...
  • Sponge bob and Krabby Patties Phew cant believe i did it!! yeay! I think i had more anxiety over the delivery then anything! Enjoy..Butter cream...
  • Tiffany Box Tiffany blue box with brown fondant bow