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  • A Halloween Birthday This is a cake I made for my birthday - day before Halloween :)  it is 2 tiers covered in...
  • Butterfly Baby shower 2 tired baby shower cake, covered in fondant
  • Sesame Street Birthday 1/4 sheetcake, all buttercream
  • Madison's 6th birthday 2 tier caked frosted with butter cream and fondant decorations.
  • Daisy's 6th Birthday 2 tiered cake frosted in buttercream with fondant accents
  • Sugar Cookie Cupcakes Cupcakes mounded with buttercream frosting and topped with sugar crystals.  Then miniature sugar cookies decorated with royal icing placed on...
  • Nativity Cake round cake cut in half and stacked side by side on edge.  Frosted with buttercream frosting.  Nativity pieces made from...
  • Alyssa's Birthday 2 tiered round birthday cake covered in fondant
  • Christmas Cupcakes Red Velvet cupcakes with buttercream frosting
  • Smith Wedding 3 tiered round wedding cake covered in fondant.  Butterflies made from fondant, detail work done with royal icing.
  • Ezra's Birthday Cookies Sugar cookies covered in royal icing
  • Prince Baby Shower This is a vanilla sheetcake with lemon cream filling and lemon buttercream frosting.  Piping done with lemon buttercream, prince crown...
  • Marshall Wedding 3 tiered square wedding cake, silk flowers were used due to the flowers being used for 2 receptions in 2...
  • Smurf Baby Shower This is a carved cake made to resemble Smurfette's house.  Vanilla cake covered in marshmallow fondant.
  • Zoey's Boingo Party A 2 tieried vanilla cake covered with marshmallow fondant.  Cake was designed to match the invitation.