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  • A Cake For A Friende Who Love Cows And Frogs A cake for a friende who love cows and frogs! :-)
  • This Smurf Cc I Mad For My Neighbors Birthday She Ate Them All This Smurf CC I mad for my neighbors birthday. She ate them all! ;-)
  • A cake with a twist!  This cake has a hidden twist too it, the cake was made for a friend who was cellibrating her divorce!...
  • Lemon CC Cupcakes for a babygirl!
  • Dressed up strawberrys!
  • Fishing cake Wanted to make a hole watercake, for a man who loves fishing!
  • Black Skull cake For my sons 13th birthday, he made the designe and I made the cake for him! Would love to have...
  • Birthdaycake for my grandfather 85 birtday I just love how this cake turned out, it really looked like a marble stone with flowers on! :-)
  • Babydragon A cake for namegiving/birthday. Made it for a friends babygirl, filld with lemon and strawberry.
  • Elvis cake! A Elvis theamed cake!
  • A cake for my mum! Wanted to try out my new rolling pin and I like the result. Some more practising and it will be...
  • Cookiemonster A cookiemonster for my uncles birthday! :-)
  • HelloKitty CC My first attempt with HelloKitty themed CC! Made of Lemon CC whit strawberry.
  • Strawberrycake My sons 3rd birthdaycake, dessigned by him self with some help from me! ;-) He put all the strawberrys on!...
  • Easter CC Chocolate chip CC with orangefrosting! Need to buy me a better tip for the roses, is 1M the best!?
  • My first atempt with CC rose. Lemon CC with strawberryfrosting. Think I?m falling for this line more and more! :-)
  • Striped cake I saw a photo of this cake in black and white here on CC, and had to try it out!...
  • Puh cake One of my favourite cakes that I?ve made!
  • Lilyweddingcake This cake I made for my youngest brother when he got merried. I used chrystals in the lilys to match...
  • Cruising McQeen A cake for one of my sons birthdays. Had troubles with the fondant, it cracked..
  • Cherryblossom My first attempt to make a cherryblossom cake! :-)
  • 1DSC_0120_2.jpg Birthdaycake for a little squeirrelboy!!
  • Brllop_i_Ala_75.JPG My first wedding cake, gumpaste bouqet on top and small gumpaste roses along the sides.
  • My own cake!
  • Wii cake for one of my brothers. When I was half way done with this cake I saw it was reversed, just a litle irritating!
  • Farmcake
  • Birthdaycake for a princess! :-)
  • Urban_16_12_copy.jpg This is the cake I made for my kid brothers birthday today, it´s filled with strawberry and lemon! I had...
  • 50_r_23_copy.jpg
  • Cake topper
  • Flowers for a cake topper!
  • Playground!!
  • The oreder was simple and elegante
  • Gumpaste rose My first single rose!!
  • Eastercake -07 This is how our eastercake turned out!!! Simple but sweet!!!
  • The boat Elias A cake made for a friends sons first birthday!
  • My first cake with a car on top! My friend wanted it to look  like a fast car...
  • The Simpson family! A cake made for a friends doughters first birthday!
  • A cake for my son!
  • A cake for a friend!
  • A cake for a friend!
  • The whol set with cakes for my mother i law!
  • One og teh cakes for my mother in laws 60 birthday!
  • Modulescopperminealbumsuserpics70968giggi 60 R 4jpg
  • A cake made for a friend!
  • Birthdaycake for my mum!
  • Birthdaycake for one of my kid brothers who is a big fan of Volvo!
  • Eastercake
  • Modulescopperminealbumsuserpics70968bild 49jpg
  • Modulescopperminealbumsuserpics70968bild 42jpg
  • My first cake with sugerpaste!
  • Modulescopperminealbumsuserpics70968bild 3jpg
  • Modulescopperminealbumsuserpics70968bild 2jpg
  • Modulescopperminealbumsuserpics70968farsdag 7jpg

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