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  •  Black & White Wedding   White fondant daisy decorations with black ribbon.Sorry about the awful photo it was taken on my mobile with no flash
  •  Skulls And Roses   This cake is for an engagement party, the brief was to be gothicy and possibly skulls and roses
  •  Orangutan   This is a cake for a 21 year old who spent a couple of months with the Orangutans in Borneo, it is entirely fondant
  •  Yellow Submarine   "We all Live in a Yellow submarine"
  •  Teletubbies   teletubbies - inspired by someone on here (sorry can't remember who)
  •  Spiderman   Spiderman cake
  •  Sewing Machine   Sewing machine for a 16 year old who is into fashion
  •  Rolex  This was for a lucky girl who was getting a rolex for her birthday but it wasnt going to be there in time so had a cake made for the actual...
  •  Present Cake   Black & White present with pink bow
  •  Guitar   Guitar cake for a friend who turned 30
  •  Film Roll  This was my birthday cake I made for my joint 30th birthday party we had a TV & Film themed costume party. the images are edible images...
  •  Cover Girl   cake for a little girl who does Modeling and was 1
  •  Boys Baptism Cake   cross shape with blue roses