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  •  Toodles - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse   I made a Toodles cake for my son's second birthday. :) Toodles is made out of fondant.
  •  Square Cake With White Cut Out Flowers   This was a six tiered square cake frosted in buttercream. The cut out flowers were fondant.
  •  Black And White Cupcakes With Damask Topper  This cake was frosted with buttercream, as were all of the cupcakes. I used the Cricut to cut out all of the cupcake wrappers as well as...
  •  Ballet Cake  The bottom cake was a cookies and cream cake and covered in fondant. It had a Bettercreme filling with crushed Oreos mixed in. The cake was...
  •  Blue Flowers Three Tiered   Buttercream frosting with fondant flowers.
  •  Yellow Scrollwork Cake   This was my wedding cake. Frosted with buttercream, and the flowers were silk.
  •  Polka Dots And Sprials   The cake was iced with buttercream frosting.
  •  Popcorn Buckets  The cupcakes are made using the Wilton 6-cup Jumbo Muffin Pan. They were frosted in Bettercreme. The 'popcorn' on top was made...
  •  Pregnant Belly Cake   Bettercreme frosting in the bottom cake with mmf accents. Ganache was used on the 'belly' cake and covered in mmf.
  •  Rubber Duck Shower Cake   Bettercream frosting for the bubbles, fondant board, rubber ducks on top.
  •  Three Tiered Tinkerbelle   Cakes decorated in Bettercream frosting. The flowers on the cupcakes are made from mmf.
  •  Poker Cake   Cake has buttercream frosting and mmf accents.
  •  Polka Dots  This was for my dad's 50th birthday. The bottom was done in Bettercream frosting wtih mmf accents. The middle cake was chocolate...