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  •  Paramedic   My daughter is a paramedic. Chocolate cake and MMF
  •  Kevin The Minion   I made this for my grandson - WASC, MMF
  •  Christmas Birthday Cake I Am Sorry I Dont Remember Who Did The Original Cake Because They Certainly Deserve The Credit   Christmas birthday cake - I am sorry, I don't remember who did the original cake because they certainly deserve the credit.*
  •  Twilight Birthday Cake   WASC, fondant accents. Thanks to so many on this site for the inspiration.
  •  Barbie Birthday Cake   WASC cake, fondant dress - dress looks like the wedding dress she had originally picked out.
  •  Dora   My first FBCT - learned it all from this site. WASC, Cream cheese frosting.
  •  Grade 7 Grad   Chocolate cake with Twinkie filling. Buttercream frosting. Holy Cross emblem made out of fondant.
  •  First Communion  Bottom tier was chocolate, top tier white. Didn't turn out as well as I expected, but thats what happens when you try to decorate a...
  •  Peter Pan Cake  Peter Pan cake made for my brother's 50th. The idea came from Michele25's wonderful cake. Chocolate cake, Twinkie filling and...
  •  Wolf Cake  Butter cream icing, sugar cookie wolf. 1st wolf looked better, but broke about 3 hours before the party. Fortunately, I made 2 and whipped...
  •  Baby Shower Cake   Spice cake, cream cheese filling, fondant with fondant decorations.
  •  Care Bears  My first try at a topsyturvey cake. Only 2 tiers, but I learned alot & can hardly wait to try again. PS - my daughter who wanted the...
  •  Pointsettia Cake   Fruit cake base with MMF. Candles are gingerbread cake with creamcheese icing. Pointsettia and holly leaves are MMF