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  • Thanksgiving turkey This one was actually mistaken for a real roast turkey. Fun for me to hear! :-).Just a regular cake covered...
  • 3D train with carriages holding candy
  • Sunflower pinata cake regular cake with buttercream inside, covered over with a dome shaped chocolate shell - the shell was then decorated with...
  • Rainbow Unicorn Flowers
  • R2D2 3D cake carved into r2d2 shape and then covered in buttercream
  • halloween pumpkin 3D buttercake covered in buttercream. yum.
  • Movie Popcorn 3D movie popcorn shaped cake, covered in buttercream - with real popcorn on top.
  • pinata cake This is a cake, covered with buttercream... but you can't see the cake... it is covered with a dome shaped...
  • Piano and Harp The bride was a professional harpist and groom was a professional pianist. So this was their request for their wedding...
  • lightening mcqueen Lightening McQueen
  • Helicopter Baby Shower cake Helicopter Baby Shower cake
  • Birthday Hat Cake 3D Birthday Hat Cake (with cookie for the brim)
  • Dump Truck Cake 3D Dump Truck Cake