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  •  Spongebob Square Pants   Spongebob cake, covered in fondant. Legs and arms made from rice treats covered with fondant.
  •  Chef's Hat Grooms Cake   Chef's Hat covered in fondant, knives made from gumpaste.
  •  Simple Birthday Cake With Gumpaste Roses   Everyone seems to like this cake. I guess because it's simple, but elegant with the gumpaste roses and it's affordable???
  •  Present Cakes   Base icing is buttercream. Bows made from Gumpaste. Detail work is fondant.
  •  Ghost, Hollow Tree And Bats
  •  Jack Skeleton And Zero   Jack & Zero are made from gumpaste. My 15 year old cousin wanted this for her birthday/halloween party.
  •  Lacrosse And Drunk Bulldogs (Mascot)   For a young man's 21st Birthday. He plays lacrosse and their mascot is bulldogs.
  •  Just A Cute Little Cake  I made this for fun because I wanted to try out my new eyelet cutters. I guess it could be used for baby shower, bridal shower or make...
  •  Sesame Street - Elmo, Cookie Monster And Zoey  Figures were made from gumpaste (started with rice crispy treats the covered). This was my first attempt at figures....wasn't real...
  •  Hip Hop Birthday Cake  Musical notes, stars and circles made from Fondant. You can't tell in the picture, but I put some "sugar rocks" on the cake...
  •  Girly Birthday Cake   Buttercream with Gumpaste pocketbook, flip flops and tube of lipstick.
  •  Birthday Present Cake   Buttercream with Gumpaste Bow (First attempt at making bow) and fondant dots.
  •  High School Musical   Buttercream with gumpaste