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  • boxing gloves Thanks to all your help, esp Melissa
  • tickled pink
  • puppy birthday cake
  • puppy dog this was a little cake made for a little birthday boy. I thought it was too cute
  • swirls and buttercream a small wedding cake with royal icing swirls
  • 1st birthday french vanilla cake with buttercream
  • chocolate black-out cake it's kind of an ugly-duckling cake, but it tastes yummy. so never judge a cake by it's appearance :)
  • baby bootie cake italian cream cake w/ cream cheese icing with mmf accents. the bear and booties are also made from mmf.
  • Princess Castle french vanilla cake w/ buttercream. This cake took a lot of time but the little girl loved it!
  • turkey hunter birthday this cake is half carrot cake, and the other half is chocolate cake. It has a cream cheese frosting
  • pokemon
  • boss' day cake i scanned a picture of my boss in his younger days to put on top of his italian cream cake
  • mickey mouse
  • cars birthday my first edible image
  • Diaper Bag This is my first diaper bag cake. I was suprised how easy it was. I had a lot of fun....
  • John Deer Tractor cake
  • Thank you
  • Baby Buggy
  • Red, Pink, Orange & White Fondant wedding cake
  • Baby Bear
  • choo choo train
  • crab & sand this matched my son's outfit
  • Girl birthday cake I made this cake to match the invitation
  • Western birthday Inspired by my sister-in-law's cake
  • Darth Vader cake I learned a lot from this cake.....NEVER bring a black cake to work....We all walked around the rest of the...
  • Let's help them "hop" into bed! A fun cake to make, for my best friends lingerie shower. She loves frogs!
  • Weddign cake with silk flowers I used little silk flowers to put around the cake
  • Frog & fly cake my flies have little party hats!!!!
  • My red hat cake this was a red velvet "red hat" cake that I made for my friend's mom and aunt. They are twins...
  • 4 tier hexagon cake 2 tiers had bavarian cream filling & the other 2 had chocolate bavarian cream
  • Swirley cake The full view of the cake.
  • Swirley cake Inspired by a Wilton wedding cake
  • Harley Cake Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. The border is milk-duds.
  • Cream Wedding cake with silk flowers
  • Strawberries & Cream
  • Booties Here is a close up of my MMF baby booties. I need a lot of practice.
  • Baby Feet This is my first bootie & footprints cake. Boween is my CC HERO!
  • Wrestling Ring This was for a Pharmacy Intern that was with us this July. We had a joke about wrestling about our...
  • Tinkerbell I'm so not happy with this cake. The back has a huge creator in it. I hope they like it....
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  • outer space
  • IMG_0035.JPG
  • M&M flower cake another picture of the flower cake
  • M&M flower cake i was inspired by "chefdot" and her beautiful M&M flowers!
  • seeing dots another picture of the dot cake
  • seeing dots this is a french vanilla cake with BC, and fondant dots. the green dots are BC. I went a little...
  • off-set wedding cake this is a wedding cake where the bride wanted the cake off-set, not centered. she wanted swirls and fun designs...
  • Cars birthday cake This cake was a yellow cake with strawberry filling and the frosting was cool whip mixed with white chocolate jello...
  • cinderella This was a vanilla cake w/ vanilla bc. My sister-n-law actually did this fbct on our fbct night. We love...
  • Rubber ducky My first rubber ducky cake. This cake is all chocolate. The 10 & 12 in rounds are covered in mmf...
  • Kim Possible Chocolate Cake with BC frosting and a FBCT of Kim Possible. I love FBCTs and sprinkles!!!! It makes the decorating...
  • DSC_0021_edited.JPG
  • Giant cupcakes My son turned 2 and I wanted to do one giant cupcake. I tried to make these stand up, but...
  • IMG_0007_edited.JPG This cake was for a co-worker. It was a white cake with pudding and strawberries inside. On the outside was...
  • Frog cake Yep, it's a frog in a hula skirt. It was a fun cake to do. It was for my best...
  • 25th anniversary This is the only picture of the cake that was small enough KB wise to put on here, I haven't...
  • Baby carriage My first baby carriage cake.
  • chocolate with strawberries This was a smaller version of a cake I did earlier this year. Since this cake, I have learned how...
  • Red velvet This was a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. It was shaped like a heart. It was for a...
  • Horse cake This was my first FBCT. I think it came out pretty good considering it was my 1st one.
  • junior mint birthday cake This was a choc cake with butter cream, filled with melted junior mints and york peppermint patties. I decorated the...
  • simple round This was a butter cream cake with strawberry cream cheese filling. It was fun to do, but scary to transport,...
  • pink-n-brown polka dots This is my first marshmallow fondant cake, and my first time to paint with luster dust! It was a blast....
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  • DSC_0230.JPG