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  •  First Roses   This was my first attempt at roses. I know they could be better but the couple loved them.
  •  Jojo's Circus  My twin cousins love JoJo's Circus and everybody usally just says hey heres what we like go with So here was my idea with the...
  •  Pirate Cake   Another view of the ship alone
  •  Pirate Themed Cakes  The family I made these cakes for are really into the new movie Pirates of the caribbean. They ask If I could put Jonny Depp on the cake...
  •  Princess Lady Bug Cake  We ask our daughter "What kind of cake do you want?" She replied "A princess lady bug!!" ???? What is that I
  •  Grad Cake  The girls Mom who I made this cake for said "She likes flames and Harley Davidson" "Just do something with them" So...

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