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  • Constitution Cake This was for my son's government class on Constitution day.
  • Blue diamond 9 in covered in fondant. I used a cookie cutter to make diamonds.
  • curious George 1/4 sheet cake covered in buttercream
  • Playhouse Disney This was a simply cake using the cake topers from the cake store. The cake is covered in buttercream and...
  • rocker This cake was actually for a baby shower. It is covered in fondant with pearl dust. The notes and guiter...
  • superman This was for my son's birthday. Everything was star tipped.
  • York Middle School This was for my son's 8th grade celerbration. Everything is fondant.
  • 101_0005.JPG This was a groom's cake. Everything is covered in fondant. I used buttercream to attach the swirls on top.
  • Bowling lane This  was a small cake for a office birthday. Everything is covered in fondant. The ball and pins are also...
  • Baby sleeping Everything is Fondant including the crib canopy and baby. This was the first bassinette I have made.
  • Easter basket cake is covered in buttercream, the handle is fondant
  • thomas train yard The cake is covered in fondant. The train cars are toys my neighbor had; the cake was for her son.
  • topsy tervy This was my first topsy tervy cake and it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be....
  • Ambulance This was for my brother's wedding; he and his new wife are paramedics.  They and their fellow parametics loved it....
  • Santa forgot his hat This cake took a lot longer than I thought it was going to. ( I had never made a sofa...
  • Diaper bag This was my first diaper bag. It's for  the sister-in-law of a gal my husband works with. The base and...
  • Duck Bath Bash These were for a friend's daughter 1st birthday. The 1 is fondant. The frosting is buttercream. I didn't cover the...
  • jack-o-lantern patch The scarecrow  and pumpkins are covered in fondant. Ther base is covered in buttercream. The cake was a big hit...
  • 100_0214.JPG These were just for practice. I am really liking the spray food coloring.
  • jack-o-lanterns This was something just to try. I used the small ball pan and covered in fondant.
  • flower basket This is a regular size cupcake. The flowers and handle  are fondant.
  • bathtime Theses are regular size cupcakes with buttercream "bubbles". They are for a birthday party.
  • Lighting Mcqueen Lighting was harder than I thought it was going to be. I started with the Wilton 3D car pan and...
  • Gotham The building are fondant, the square cakes are buttercream.
  • 100_0181.JPG The table and stools are fondant covered cake, the Ms, presents, mini cake and  hats  are fondant.  The bottom is...
  • first birthday the bottomis a 10 in the star was cut from a second 10 in circle then covered in fondant.
  • Raven's jersey This was made from 1 1/2 sheet cake, covered in fondant.
  • guitar This was my first guitar. It was also the first time I airbrushed a cake. The cake is covered in...
  • USS Truman This was for a welcome home party.
  • Chief's hat This cake was for a Masterchief's promotion party. It is all cake.
  • Please go in , I didn't bring my flippers Except for the grass and plactic figure, everything else is fondant. I carved out were the water hazard was to...
  • jungle print This cake is all fondant.  I put the spotsand stripeson the fondant before I covered  the cake. This was very...
  • Desserthouse This was for a Mexican pot luck. Onlythe house is covered in fondant, the rest is buttercream.
  • just a quick strawberry cake
  • 100_0087.JPG
  • back of Thomas cake This cake was harder than I thought it was going to be. The face came out way to dark. But...
  • Thomas
  • Jungle Birthday
  • 100_0063.JPG
  • Easter mini cakes This was my first try with new cake molds.
  • Christmas gingerbread
  • top of cake The roses, leaves and lily are fondant, the white flowers are royal.
  • 100_0044.JPG
  • doll cake
  • 100_0017.JPG
  • marvin goes to a party
  • webkin cake
  • Christmas cookies
  • 3D trees Made with 2 flat cookies and a fondant star.
  • gingerbread house This was my fist gingerbread house.
  • Halloween cookies These are fondant covered sugar cookies.
  • Thanksgiving cookies These cookies are fondant covered sugar cookies.
  • flat tilted cake This was made in the flat Wilton pan. It is covered in fondant.
  • Turkey This was my first turkey cake. The head, feet, wings and feathers are fondant. I used the foorball pan for...
  • just a test cake This cake was a spice cake with eggnog buttercream frosting. I wasn't sure if the combo was going to be...
  • birthday table This was for my friend's 30th birthday. This was my first attempt at a table or minatures.
  • Steelers This was my son's birthday cake. He wanted to make the point of the Steeler's 5 Superbowl rings.
  • just a picnic cake
  • skateboard park This was for a friends son's 12th birthday.
  • hot dog cookies These go w.ith the hamberger cokies
  • football cake This was my son's birthday cake.
  • bear teired baby shower
  • princess castle This cake was for my neighbor's daughter 3rd birthday.
  • baby shower This was my first attempt using fondant.
  • flower bauquet
  • hamberger cookies These are simply colored sugar cookies, there are hot dogs to go with them.
  • Uncle Richie Birthday cake This cake all my uncle's favorite things: his motorcycle, his dog and donuts.All the figures are gumpaste.
  • pumpkin
  • Frankinstain
  • ribbon cake
  • volleyball
  • pumpkin
  • baseball field
  • drapped cake
  • flower bouquet
  • haunted house
  • pastel flower basket
  • semi truck
  • Navy Chief This was for a Senior Chief promotion
  • flower basket
  • shoe and purse

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