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  • shower cookies shower cookies
  • Melanie's baby shower cake all made with fondant
  • linda birthday Made this cake for my BFF's 50th birthday celebration. I was inspired by another cake I found on this site.
  • 1284653690.jpg
  • Melanie 26th birthday Used Satin ice fondant, was inspired by a similar cake found in the Cakecentral photo gallery.
  • montreal canadians hockey I made these to sell for charity at work. These are different than the ones I did 2 years ago...
  • joelle & josette birthday cake Pink and chocolate fondant with gumpaste bow & ribbon
  • Dominique's baby shower cake inspired by cakemommyTX (Thank you your cake was beautiful).
  • halloween fondant covered cookies
  • valentines cookies
  • CHristmas cookies
  • Julie's 47th birthday This was for my sister's 47th birthday, I used my new Pearl fondant cilicone mold. It was fun.
  • football cookies I made these cookies for a labor day football tailgate party theme.
  • jim & jo 50th wedding anniversary cookies I made this cookie Tree for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Esch cookie had a edible image of a picture...
  • JOhanne 2009 Birthday I tried a photo frosting sheet for the first time.
  • Josette & Joelle 2009 birthday cake Royal icing flow on top of a fondant disk. The cake is chocolate & vanilla  iced in Buttercream.
  • Le gateau a Marielle Ws inspired by the Yummy arts "designer purse". Blue Marshmallow fondant, The purse handle was a bit tricky (made of...
  • Julie's birthday cake 2009 it was supposed to be a "lite bright" themed cake, but it turned out a bit different than I expected.
  • Janie's birthday fiesta fiesta mexicain themed buttercream cake
  • 2008 Melanie & Ashley Fondant & buttercream piping
  • Johanne and Renee 2008 birthday Renee and Johanne's birthday cake.
  • Mother's day cookies Sugar cookies with Royal and buttercream icings
  • Picture_018_for_the_web_1.jpg
  • Mother's day cake 2008 I made this cake using rolled buttercream for the first time. I had a bit of a problem with cracking...
  • Peggy's Mother's day cookie basket I made these cookies for my mother in law. I used royal icing and buttercream.
  • Joelle and Josette's cake Gumpaste roses over a white cake. First time using basket weaveving technique. Thanks for peeking
  • Canadian's hockey team logo I made these cookies to sell for charity at work. They were a hit since I brought them in the...
  • Easter 2008 cookies Sugar cookies covered in fondant and glaze. My first time making a cookie basket.
  • Valentine cookies SUgar cookies decorated in various mediums including Royal icing, dragees, gel, sparkles
  • Melissa's 21st birthday Africa cake This is a cake I made for my daughter who turned 21. She is leaving for AFrica on an 80...
  • Halloween cookies This is my first try at decorating cookies. I used Royal icing over a basic sugar cookie. It was fun.
  • Holloween ghosts These ghosts were inspired by brsoccer6.  They are white vanilla cupcakes, Orange buttercream and MMF for the sheet. I used...
  • Janie's round the world trip cake My sister is leaving for a 1 year trip around the world. I made this cake for her bon voyage...
  • Linda's Birthday cake I made this cake for my best friend's 46th birthday. The bottom tier was chocolate and the top tier was...
  • Looks like a hat 8" round 4 layer white cake with butter cream filling. Covered in fondant. Cake base covered in Royal icing run-in....
  • Ashley & Melanie beach birthday Party Beach themed birthday cake. Rolled fondant cake & accessories & chocolate shells. Hexagonal cake 3 layers, royal icing & sugar...
  • Renee & Johanne cake All decorations were made from Fondant and royal icing piping. It was a hot day, so it turned out a...
  • Mom & Joelle's birthday cake This cake is strangely enough chocolate with chocolate icing covered with white buttercream. This was a hit atthe party.
  • Melissa's Birthday This was my very first attempt at fondant. It turned out o.k. but now that I have abit more experience,...
  • Easter cupcakes
  • Mother's day Roses & babie's breath made of fondant.
  • Peggy's 80th birthday cake I made this cake for my mother's 80th birthday celebration. This was my second cake ever. It took me about...