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  • Thieving pigs await destruction! The smaller pigs are on cupcakes inside an Angry Birds structure. The larger pig sits atop a dozen golden eggs!...
  • Sweeney Todd--Mrs. Lovett's
  • Lobster roll Quick and easy Boston lobster roll. All buttercream. (And red hot candies.)
  • It's the Great Pumpkin Cake, Charlie Brown! The characters are made from candy melts and stand up in the cake, which gives it a really nice 3D...
  • Mad Hatter This is the most ridiculously unstable cake in history. Maybe not quite, since it actually is standing, but having a...
  • Mardi Gras masks First try at using the airbrush. Freehanded a couple of masks on a Mardi Gras cake to get a feel...
  • I'm a little teapot...
  • Island of Misfit Toys Toys are rice krispy treats and MMF. Sign is fbct.
  • MMF castle This is actually one piece of the geek tv cake that I posted pics of in the TV gallery.
  • Close-ups on geeky tv cake
  • Geek TV cake My first attempt at whimsy tiers. I kind of like that the second one is bulgy on the side! I've...