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  • My 2nd Wedding Cake Same cake as previously shown, except assembled.
  • My 2nd Wedding Cake Base layer of 2-tier wedding cake.  White cake with almond buttercream icing.
  • dartboard cake I did this for a lady's husband.  He is into darts!!  First time using whipped icing, this cake was a...
  • r2d2 For a child's birthday.  I cut the end of a sheet cake to make the head and I used the...
  • My 1st Doll Cake Made for a bridal luncheon as a centerpiece.
  • camera_pics_2_291.jpg Done for a friend's son for his 2nd birthday.
  • End of Year Beach Party Done for my son's K-4 class party!  It was a beach theme!
  • Basket of daisies Done for a bridal shower with a daisy theme.
  • My 1st Wedding Cake This was for a friend's wedding, in which I was a bridesmaid! Nervous and crunched for time, I added the...
  • Spongebob cake I did this for a friend's child!