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  • football cake
  • a hand bag for my daughter butter cake  iced in bc  and the rest all gp
  • a cake for friend who is celebrating his 42nd bday vanilla cake covered in bc
  • birthday cake for my daughter vanilla cake covered in bc and gp mermaid
  • Img_9121.jpg
  • cake done for my brothers homecoming the top cakes r cupcakes covered in bc
  • for a couple who is celebrating their 15 years anniversary. vanila cakes covered in mmf. Roses rnd  daisies are made of gumpaste.
  • Img_8885.jpg polka dots n bow are gumpaste vanilla cake covered in bc cream
  • for a couple who is celebrating their 1 year anniversary
  • A birthday cake for 15 people
  • Another view of the cake
  • butter cake covered in bc and  mmf flowers
  • Cup cakes with mmf roses
  • A birthday cake in a hurry with only 7 cup cakes
  • anniversary cake with mmf roses
  • This is the cake i made for my 4 years daughter
  • This is the bd cake for my 6 years old son
  • Anniversary cake
  • A flip flop for my little girl who is 3 years now
  • A clear pic of hello kity
  • valen.jpg covered in mmf and the cutout also from mmf
  • crown cake lace pcs are royal icing fondant pearls covered in butter icing
  • cup cakes cakes are covered in butter icing.  The cartoon images are made of chocolates  purchased from the  supermarket
  • doll cake The picture does not show lot of details, barbie is holding a some baby bloosom in her hand and I...
  • doll cake My first doll cake, its a pound cake covered in butter icing using star nozel
  • scan0002.jpg This is for a 2  years old girl accidently i hv put the candle otherway around. It is covered in...
  • cup cake
  • thomas the train Made this for 1 year old boy who loves trains
  • scan00111.jpg A lady bird cake for a 1 year old girl
  • scan00002aa.jpg another clear pic of spider man
  • scan00001bj.jpg This my sons 3 years old birthday cake
  • DSC00117a.jpg A birthday cake for a 3 year old girl
  • Dsc00158.jpg This is a cake which i made for my sis 21st birday
  • Img_1103.jpg This is the closer pic of the third tier hope u like it
  • Img_1102.jpg This is the closer pic of the second tier
  • Img_1101.jpg This is a closer pic of my first wed. cake top tier
  • scan0054.jpg This is for a 5 years old girl
  • scan0005.jpg The rabbit is a colour flow out of royal icing
  • Img_0402.jpg This is made for my sisters wedding but i cant take full credit cos  the roses which are on the...
  • Img_1132.jpg covered in buttercream icing and gumpaste flowers
  • scan0060.jpg My first gumpaste bow
  • Img_1100.jpg This my first wedding cake. Roses and the drapes are gumpaste.
  • Img_0651.jpg This is for a 5 years old girl butter cake with fondant dress

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