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  • Circus
  • Angry birds Made this for a friend, all the kids loved it.
  • Lalaloopsy Made this cake for my daughter.
  • Withe roses
  • Bird nest
  • Dora cake
  • Guitar cake Fun & more fun!
  • skull
  • Spider cake I´ve made this cake for a 5 year old b-day as his party had a hallowwen theme.
  • Disney cake
  • farm cupcakes
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Have lots of fun doing this cake!  the b-day boy loved it so everyone at the party. I was very...
  • Mario bross
  • crown
  • Cat Love this cake!!  I enjoyed doing it.. Fondant and buttercream, double chocolate inside.
  • Minnie Girls love this cake, so simple and so chic!
  • Present time! gift cake, all fondant, had some trouble doing the bow because the weather was terrible, it was raining the whole...
  • Cars Cupcakes with tires !  for a Cars theme party.
  • b-day Cupcakes with plane, car & helicopter shapes, were for a 2 year old.
  • Thinkerbell For a little girl, all pastel colors.
  • So Pregnant! cute pregnant cake!! with delicate colors for a baby girl.
  • 1st B-day Cake One of my first cakes.
  • White & Red with natural Roses.. for a day wedding in a nice garden.
  • Coach Handbag this cake was the 3rd ever made in my life, was for a friend 13 year old, so she loved...
  • Baptism Cake Simple & Elegant
  • Very PUNK Wedding cake for a PUNK couple!
  • All red This cake was for a wedding where everything was red and chocolate brown, the bride love it! so I did,...
  • Baby cake
  • Baby shower cake
  • Minnie cake well, the cake does´t have any of minnie decoration, but all around does, so i decided that this cake was...
  • Crown cake I like this cake and the b-day girl love it too.
  • Pillow cake Love to do this cake, love the final look, you should try to do it!
  • Zorro Cake All chocolate inside!Also add m&m to the cake board, but didn´t take the final picture.
  • Dragonfly & Mushroom I love the way it turn this cake, like a lot the final look, it was for a 15 year...
  • Pillow cake This cake was made for  a 9 year old twins, they help a lot with the design, they just knew...
  • Yummy cake! like how it looks this kind of cake, it is easy to do and people loves it!
  • Dots & Stipes Chocolate and vainilla
  • Sea cake All edible, this cake was for a 1 year old girl who loves the sea.
  • Gift cake All chocolate inside!
  • Tea pot cake I had to make this cake in less than 5 hrs. It came up right, have some problems with the...
  • Baby Girl cake All fondant and all edible.
  • Swandwich cake Cake inpirated in a classmate´s work, very difficult to make, i sufer a lot, didn´t have fun decorating this cake,...
  • Surf wedding cake
  • Stars Cake for a 3 year old girl.
  • Dora cupcakes Cake match
  • Aladdin Didn´t like to much this cake, the fondant was dropping because the weather was too hot.
  • C_003.JPG
  • Bride & Groom
  • Cake & Cupcakes
  • Pink & Brown All Fondant
  • Fondant and natural flowers
  • Fondant and natural flowers.
  • Wedding cake White & simple
  • Ariel & Flounder B-day cake for a girl´s swimming pool party! All chocolate inside.
  • TWINS B-day cake for little twins..
  • bebe.jpg All fondant!
  • pillow cake fun fun!  you must try to do this cake, its very easy and takes breath away to the guest.
  • pastel_vov.jpg This cake i made it for a bride how´s dess was full of lace roses in the front and had...
  • donut_cake.jpg This cake is my  favorite, I´ve made it in Colette´s workshop in Chicago, it was a lot of fun and...
  • wedding cake Wedding cake with sugar paste bride and groom, also de motorcycle.. I enjoy making this cake, one of my favorites....
  • pastel_baby.jpg a cake for a boy on his way..
  • Cake For A 1 Year Old Boy He Like It A Lot Cupcake With Buttercream And Fondant Ears Cake for a 1 year old boy, he like it a lot!cupcake with buttercream and fondant ears.
  • Dr. cake Wedding cake for a nurse and a doctor.Simple & funny
  • very pregnant Had lots of fun doing this cake for a friend, did´t like the colors much hope to do it better...
  • Simple gift box
  • Christmas tree I´ve made this cake for my daugther´s "POSADA" (mexican traditional pre-christmas pasty)  Kids loved it so did II´m very happy...
  • b-day cake for  grandma
  • pastel_Mafer.jpg sweet fifteen cake for my nice.
  • PASTEL_001.JPG Simple & chic.. This cake was for a 60th grandma´s  b-day
  • carros_011.JPG this is my first baby belly cake.. I had a lot of fun decorating it..!
  • PASTEL_016.JPG brown & white wedding.
  • carros_021.JPG i had hard time makin the sugar paste flowers, but at the end i like the way it looks.
  • Baby cupcakes Baby cupcakes for my friend´s baby shower.
  • Pastel_063.JPG it is my first kind of  "Crooked cake"..
  • PASTEL_004.JPG i didn´t like the blue color...
  • red crooked cake i´ve made this cake for a friend, the bride and the groom are made with sugar paste.
  • CARS I made this cake for my 4 year old son last may, i enjoyed a lot.

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