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  • Baby Shower (theme was starlight, starbright)
  • Baby Shower (theme was starlight, starbright)
  • Fire Extinguisher This cake was for a friend that had an afterburn party after his kitchen was redone from a fire.
  • Ginger Bread Village on Cake This is a miniture gingerbread village sitting on a cakes with a train made out of gingerbread also
  • Dec Bday Cake Flowers are royal icing
  • 100_1225.jpg
  • eeyore done for a birthday
  • Spiderman/hello kitty done for a set of twins that are boy/girl
  • Card cake with poker table on top done for a birthday
  • Mini Vampire
  • Mini Eyeball
  • Wormy Eyeball
  • Haunted Mansion
  • The witch twins(witch 1 and 2)
  • retirementcake.jpg
  • Castle done for a little girls bday
  • Cars cake
  • Heart with roses
  • Frog
  • Cow paster bday cake
  • Christmas Penguin
  • castle.jpg
  • Bday Car Cake
  • Bear Bday Cake
  • 1st Bday Cake
  • Blue Butterfly this is all done in buttercream
  • "Patrick"
  • Pool Table
  • Cow cake for Supervisors Bday
  • Basket of Kittens Everything is decorated in buttercream but the flowers they are royal icing. the kitten heads are the head part of...
  • 100_0722.jpg Just something I thought up. I used colorflow to make the big pumpkin, ghost, and cat. It was a really...
  • Purple Ecstasy This is cake was my final cake for Wilton Course 3. It has multiple purple and white roses and lilies...
  • Rose Cake A bouquet of roses and sweetpeas surrounding.
  • Clowns A fun practice cake making clowns. Very easy to do.Roses were put on just for fun.
  • Flower Basket This was a practice cake. It was a lot of fun to do. Flowers are royal icing and bird is...
  • basket birthday This was done with a basketweave around the sides and royal icing flowers
  • Package Cake This is my first time using fondant.
  • Flag This was done just for fun and something different.