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  • Luau Cake Luau cake, pineapple made of rice crispy treats & mmf
  • mothers day cakes mothers day cakes and diaper bouquet. A busy day
  • DSCN0073.JPG
  • DSCN0039.JPG baby shower cake toppers. All rice crispy treats
  • kung fu panda 12 inch kung fu panda display.All rice crispy treats
  • DSCN0441.JPG turtle cake
  • DSCN0258.JPG
  • DSCN0310.JPG
  • IMG_0543.JPG
  • IMG_0560.JPG
  • IMG_3028.JPG
  • fish_bowl.JPG
  • IMG_0549.JPG
  • IMG_0476.JPG
  • IMG_2468.JPG
  • precious moments cake
  • blue sky and butterfly
  • cheeseburger_cake.jpg A burger cake for a guy named Burger
  • 102_1159.JPG
  • 102_1111.JPG
  • Hawaii_trip_August_08_130.jpg
  • 102_1150.JPG
  • 102_1122.JPG
  • 102_1082.JPG
  • IMG_0970.JPG
  • IMG_0134.JPG
  • california roll sushi platter made a wedding cake on top of a sushi board cake and sushi platters suround itcombination wedding and grooms cake
  • IMG_0077.JPG cross between wedding cake and grooms cake. groom loves sushi, he eats it almost everydayI also added sushi platters around...
  • hula and sports graduation cake graduation cake for a Kamemeha school graduate. He also dances hula so they wanted a uli uli, a feathered hawaiian...
  • black and white black and white wedding cake with black and white cupcake favors
  • new adventure going away cake for someone who loves to watch movies. It is (3) 10 inch cake covered with mmf and...
  • sundae cake This birthday cake was made for a co-worker. It is chocolate cake whith chocolate cherry ganash filling. Covered in buttercream...
  • green orchid with coral rose accent First of three cakes this week. This is a simple white cake covered in mmf and decorated with gren orchids...
  • curious george with paint 5th birthday celebration, this is the last of thre cakes I made this week. Hard to say no. George is...
  • 100_1039.JPG Birthday cake for a friend who always drinks hieneken. White cake with mmf, I air brushed the colors and detailed...
  • 103_0280.JPG my first topsy turvy cake
  • cake_023.jpg
  • cake_027.jpg
  • cake_012.jpg
  • cake_042.jpg
  • cake_040.jpg
  • 55 chevy 55th birthday cake
  • 102_0537.JPG got the direction from wilton web site. I did a basic 1/2 sheet cake and got crafty with the stand...
  • 103_0212.JPG
  • The odd couple A wedding cake for a bartender and a manicurist
  • purse and shoe I made this birthday cake for a friend that likes to shop. she loved it so much it took her...
  • forrest gump I work at  themed restaurant that is based on the movie forrest gump and this was a going away cake...
  • pumkin I made this cake for halloween
  • Picture_036.jpg My friends daughters first birthday was on valentines day. She wanted a cake that  was red and she liked my...
  • tiffany cake I made this cake for my cousins wedding shower. This cake was so last minute that I used a fabric...
  • aloha cake top view
  • lilly wedding cake A friend of mine had her wedding at the beach this past weekend. This is my first wedding cake and...
  • IMGP3025.JPG 1st birthday cake, this is just like the hello kitty cake I made but the theme of the party was...
  • hello kitty birthday cake I made this cake for a friend that loves to collect hello kitty, it was her 27th birthday. It was...

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