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Leopard Print Inside Cake Angelfire3's Way

How to make leopard print inside a cake/cupcake

List of Materials

  • Cake batter in 3 colors
  • Icing/pastry bags wit tips

Step 1) 3 different colors of cake batter. You can either use yellow & chocolate cake & color them accordingly OR you can use gel color and color the cake batter accordingly.
Step 2) Divide your cake batter into 3 and place the Black cake mix in one pastry bag, brown in the 2nd pastry bag and keep the rest in the mixing bowl
Step 3) On the bottom of your EMPTY cake pan or cupcake liner, draw/pipe the spots.
Step 4) Top the 1st set of spots with the lightest cake batter and just repeat the process, alternating between making the spots & topping them off with batter. End result is a leopard print pattern on the bottom, middle & top of your cake/cupcakes. It literally takes a few mins. You don't have to be neat either. Just have fun with it. ****If you are making a cake, you can pipe/draw the spots small b/c they will enlarge as the cake bakes.

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Hi, I was wondering if by any chance you can send me the step by step pictures and instructions of the leopard print inside the cake. For some reason I can't see the pictures of the step by step instructions. Thanks.
I can't see the pictures either!
I can't see my pictures either. I had one for each step. I wonder why they are not loading. Yes, I can send you all some pics with directions. Send me your email address so I can send out a mass email.
Hey Everyone! I just uploaded a picture tutorial under my album with some step-by-step instructions. Here is the link to the picture. Admin, can you please tell me why my pictures are not visible under this tutorial?
Hi Would love the directions and photos too please :)
Your link also states that the photo does not exist.
Would also love the directions and photos too please....if you are doing up list...can I please be on it too. Thank you :)
Oh man! I can't see pics either :( I'd like to be on your email list if you are still considering that also: Thanks!
Greetings All, the Admin for the Pics deleted my picture b/c she said that I already posted a tutorial and therefore it's not necessary to post in the gallery. I will resubmit this tutorial and hopefully, the admin of the tutorials will delete this one and post the newer one. I will send you guys a message with the pics and step by step instructions.
Please add me to the list....thank you
i so wanted to see this and i can't anyway you could send me a message with the pics? please :)
please send tutorial pics and steps to Thanks
hi i so wanna try this but cant see the pic, can u send it to me in a message with the pics plzz
ahhh I wish the admin would allow the pics! This is different than the other one posted :( thank you for taking the time to add this for us angelfire3
please send me the pics too, I really love to see how these are done. Thanks for sharing.
count me in please!!!! send me the pics too! and of course, thank U in advance! :)
I have been scouring the web for a tutorial re this. Can you let me know about this too Please! Thanks so much for Sharing! :)
Can you please send me the tutorial too? Thank you!
add me to the list as well, thanks
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