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How To Frost a Square Cake & Get Crisp Corners with Buttercream

  This step-by-step guide with photos will teach how to get crisp sharp edges on any square cake covered in buttercream

Sally Cake - BKeith Ryder
1. First, a square "cake" (sorry -- didn't have a real cake around to mess with). Slapped some icing on a square pan, and when I went to clean some icing away, I came up with a perfect square corner without even trying.
So I took an intentional swipe at the corner to mess it up a bit so you could see what's what.

Sally Cake - BKeith Ryder
2. With your left hand, hold a spatula vertically in front of you so the right edge of the spatula is where you want the corner to be

BKeith Ryder
3. With another spatula in your right hand, start adding dabs of icing on the side of the cake running away from you, building up the corner against the "dam" spatula in your left hand.

square corners on a cake
4. Now gently slide the left hand spatula to the left, slowly bringing it away from the cake side to minimize the lift-off mark

square corners on a cake
5. Once the corners are built, I generally go back with my bench scraper and clean up the sides between the corners.

square corners on a cake
6. Same method works to do the corners on top of the cake too, just hold the left hand spatula horizontally (use a larger, elbow spatula to get a longer, cleaner edge)

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I am going to try this on our next square cake, thank you so much you make it look so easy!
I can't wait to try this.
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It worked! Thank you so much!
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WOW....what an awesome technique! Many thanks.:)
thank you for taking time to show this, i need all the help i can get
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Tried it.... at first not too easy, but once you get the hang of it.... GREAT!!!! love it! thanks...... for a follow up you can add this link.... it's covering the square cake with fondant afterwards.... from ices.... here is the link: copy and paste on ur browser... thanks a million!!
awesome. i want to definitely try this. Just hope i remember when i next have a square cake to decorate. what if i want to use a serrated scraper to make a pattern on the sides?
Thanks!!!!!! I an going to try it......
Great Advise, Im going to try it on my 4th of July cake Im in the process of making, will let you know how it turns out!
What buttercream recipe works best?
It's genious how simple it is.
definatley gonna try that!
so glad i found this working on a rubicks cube as I type!! Gonna attempt this!
Glad I stumbled onto this thread.
Cake Central › Tutorials › How To Frost a Square Cake & Get Crisp Corners with Buttercream