Featured in Volume 3, Issue 2 of Cake Central Magazine, this lace tutorial by Michele Hester of SugarVeil® will show you how to create a cake that’s striking, modern and simple. SugarVeil® lace adds a stunning addition to any cake, adding that “Wow!” factor without the extra effort!



Confectioners’ spreader

Confectioners’ snips, or sharp scissors

Flower net confectioner’s mat

Fondant-covered 3 tier cake

5 ounce package SugarVeil® Confectionary Icing

Parchment paper

Wooden Skewer

1. Following instructions included with Confectioners’ Mat, mix SugarVeil® as directed, cover with plastic wrap, and allow to rest overnight.

To learn more about making SugarVeil® lace using the Confectioners’ Mats, go to http://cakecentral.com/b/tutorial/sugarveil-edible-lace.

2. Once SugarVeil® has rested, re-beat for 1 minute and spread repeatedly lengthwise, across, and diagonally onto the Flower Net Confectioners’ Mat.


3. Spread and scrape a second time when lace is partially “set.” This will ensure that a sufficient amount of SugarVeil® is compressed into the tiny incised lines of lace. SugarVeil is properly set when the lace is no longer tacky to touch, and it doesn’t stretch out of shape when a corner is lifted.

4. Place mat with lace face down onto parchment, and remove mat by peeling away from the lace a few inches at a time, pinning lace in place with thespreader.


5. Smooth the lace evenly around the sides of the bottom and middle tiers.

6. Clip the bottom edge of the lace, leaving ⅛ inch to extend beyond the bottom edge of the tiers.


7. At the top edge of the tiers, pinch excess lace together to form “darts.”


8. Snip away darts by holding snips flat and close to the cake surface.


9. Gently pat seam flat to the cake surface with fingertip.


10. For the cake’s top tier, simply position the scalloped edge of the lace so that a bit of the solid fondant color is visible at the top of the cake, leaving the same ⅛ inch to extend beyond the bottom of the tier. Wrap and smooth around tier.

11. To eliminate piping between tiers when stacking, use a skewer in a light rolling motion to smooth and connect lace between the layers.





MBalaska Says... 26 Aug 2013 , 12:37pm

Holy Smokes! this is so delicate & elegant with the contrasting colors.

ttaunt Says... 26 Aug 2013 , 5:43pm

I have ordered the sugar veil and mat and some lace molds. I hope I can use this on buttercream iced cakes after they are crusted because I don't do fondant and I am not really interested in doing fondant. Can I do it on buttercream?

cazza1 Says... 28 Aug 2013 , 5:00am

I have put sugarveil over buttercream.

davinascakes Says... 28 Aug 2013 , 11:13pm

How long does it take to dry before you can use it?

shahnaaznaby Says... 17 Aug 2014 , 12:56pm

I have the mat to make burlap. I want to make a large bow with the burlap. How do you get the loops of the bow to how their shape

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