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Fondant Onesie

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Can anyone tell me how to make a fondant onesie. I have been looking at the ones on this site and I really want to do one soon.
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Hi Simplydelicious

I did one just for practice, used a onesie image from google. I saved the picture to my pc then printed in on card stock paper. Used it as my guide.
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I always do the same thing I make a pattern and then cut the fondant out!! I love the onsie in the picture it is soooo cute!!
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Onesie turned out super!
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I think I'm going to do a onesie for a shower I have coming up. They are so cute!!! icon_biggrin.gif
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I love your onesie. It is too cute!!!
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Thanks for the nice comments, I'll be making one for a shower on the 5th of November. This time it will be for a girl. Can't wait to do the whole cake this time. I'm also going to try the booties too. Wish me luck.
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How cute!! I just love the ideas on this site everyone is just so talented. Great job on the onesie and good luck with the booties.
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