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Fondant gloss look help

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Hi everyone,

I made a fondant cake yesterday and some shapes required the glossy look. I mixed corn syrup and vanilla extract and it gave a wonderful shine but by doing this it left the brush strokes on the cake. Is there any way to avoid the strokes and get a seamless shine. 



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That only lasts about an hour
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you can play with the consistency of your extract/corn syrup mix to make it less streaky or try confectioners glaze which can be bought in a cake store or online. Some people also steam fondant but this only lasts a few hours I've been told. 

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Be very careful using corn syrup or icing gel - I had to refund a $1500 cake after ruining it with corn syrup and gel icing. I had used the same technique on the same exact design before and it had worked beautifully. I'm still not absolutely sure what happened.

If you try confectioners glaze, you might want to also get the thinner solution. No one ever mentions that for some reason.
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How about clear piping gel? I've used that in the past with good results. Not home made which seems to dry out quickly but rather store bought.

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Vodka work for me really well and keeps the shine for hours

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Did you mix Vodka with Corn syrup and make a thinner solution? Is that worked for you? 

I will give that a try or the confectioners glaze. 

Thanks for the help!

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