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I know this is an easy one for most of you here. So, that's why I'm here to get ideas and opinions. How would you go about making the symbol in the middle of this cake? Thanks! Saints_and_LSU_field.jpg 87k .jpg file
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I see 2 options I might use:  Cut the shapes out of fondant in the different colors and put on cake and then outline with icing, or do a frozen buttercream transfer for the design.

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I would think you could cut the shape out of fondant, let dry, and them pipe over it with royal icing in the colors you want. Do the outlines of each color area first with a stiff RI and the fill in with loser RI. Royal icing can not be refrigerated though so if you are refrigerating the cake then the fondant piece would have to be put on last minute.
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Thanks a lot! I did try the buttercream transfer, but it was my first time and it didn't turn out to my liking. Any tips?
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Good idea Chefintraining! Thanks.
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With the buttercream transfer, don't press too hard so the lines won't get smooshed.  Work in layers, so do one layer, freeze, do another, freeze, then do again.  Spread as thin a layer of the outer icing as you can.


When I do transfers I have to make several of the same design and then I pick the best one out.  Since I already make enough buttercream I have spare to do this.


Good luck, it's a nice cake!

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